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Sending email in PowerApps. Multiple Emails Received


I'm trying to send an e-mail form Powerapps when a form has been completed to let another team they have to carry out further actions.
When I've created the flow it seems to send an email for all the records that are in the Sharepoint list and not for that individual form?






Any ideas??





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @ClarkyPA365 ,


You have used Get Items action - this will fetch all the SharePoint items in the list. You need to use Get Item action instead and pass the ID of item that you created in PowerApps.


Also what I'm assuming if that you're planning to send out an email after submission of form, correct?


Then why don't you use a Office 365 Outlook connector in PowerApps and send email in the Power App formula itself?


And replace your formula for button submit to this, for sending email,

SubmitForm(NewReq_Frm); Reset(NewReq_Frm);
Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2("","Subject Line","Staff Member: " & StaffMember.Text & " - ID: " & NewReq_Frm.LastSubmit.ID)


Doc on Send Email action:- 

Doc on Get Items action:- 


Hope you find this helpful! 🙂


Kind Regards,

Shaik Sha

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Hi Shaik,

Thank you for your reply.
I realised I had used the wrong 'Get' action and resolved that part. 😄
You are quiet correct that I will be requiring to send an email after the submission form but this needs to go back to the person who submitted the  form in the first place.  Also I don't want my email address to appear but a mailbox email where the original submission form is sent to..

An additional issues that I will come across is there is a need for a repeating form so a number of submissions can be sent with one selection of the submit button.  So a response email will need to provide details of those records that have been actioned.  Hope that makes sense??

Any ideas will be gratefully received




Hi @ClarkyPA365 ,


If you're planning to have multiple submissions, assuming each submission is a List item, it would be best to go for a Gallery with input controls rather than a single form.


You can use a collection to store the inputs from the user and when he hits the submit button, you can use a Patch function with ForAll and create records in your list. In the same ForAll loop, you can collect the IDs of submitted records and save them as string, which you can use again after submissions to send out the email.



Shaik Sha

Post Patron
Post Patron

Hi Shaik,

Thanks for the advise.  
I'll try and create the submission 'Gallery' form with collection and patch. 
May need some more information a round the sending of emails as still unsure of this 



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