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Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Sending reminder: Something failed

Hello Power Automate Community!


Can someone please explain me why do I have to get an email like this every single day?


And how to get rid of it?





Thank you in advance for helping!

Super User
Super User

Hi @WebPortal ,


Start by searching in all enviroments for your recurrent flows  ...

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I have the same problem and can't find the answer. My flows are all working and correct.

Had one error a month ago but solved it.

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin


You need another flow to delete those emails.

Helper IV
Helper IV

I was about to post the same thing. I get two every day.   


Now my boss is getting notifications that something went wrong with his approval requests. There's no indication as to what went wrong (in his email or the flow) and he's emailing me (with his boss-like tone) to get rid of them.  

Helper II
Helper II


Had the same issue, and was able to resolve it by checking the environments for Flows, which were unknown to me. I found a Flow called "Get an Email Reminder". The reason this Flow existed in the first place was because I created a reminder on a SharePoint List (Automate -> Set a Reminder -> Date). This Flow was causing the messages.



That's actually a really good tip, even though ironic. I'll have that implemented right away. 🙂👍

Advocate I
Advocate I

Thank-you for your replies: they provided me with the key to the solution (as far as I am concerned):

1. Check in the mail the time --> this gives a clue when the flow ran that generated the error....
2. Open Power Automate
3. In the left menu, open "Monitor" and then "Cloud flow activity"
4. There you get an overview of the flows in your environment and the time they were executed --> check the flow that was running at the time from step 1.
If you click on the flow here, you will immediately get to the overview of the execution... in my case = error found....

Great tip! Solved my problem. Thanks!

Frequent Visitor

This was my issue for this error - when I looked into the Flow run and found the erroneous operation, I saw that it was using a default SharePoint Connection (that is, the wrong SharePoint Credential) that was not "my own". This caused the "Get List Name by HTTP Request Step" to fail. I changed the two SharePoint operations to use my creds and now my flow works. 

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