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Set a new default content type

Thanks to this forum I have now cracked, making a SharePoint document library and assigning a new custom content type from a site available list.


I have just found out that I need to make the new content type default.


I found this - though it does not really discuss making a content type default.  


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GOT IT. Thank you for you input



This find the unique ID for any given doc library, filters out Documents and deletes it.

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Super User

Hi @rhood,


That thread is talking about the ordering. I have tried to POST request, but it wasn't working for me. It didn't change the ordering like suggested in that solution.


Are there any other Content types in use in your library? Otherwise you could remove those from the library and the only one left is automatically the default one. That could be a workaround.


If so, you could use the following URI for a POST request in a Send a HTTP request to SharePoint action for that.





Alternatively, you could also use this PnP PowerShell cmdlet:


Thanks, I had been trying that.


This morning I used the call below to collect the contenttypes from one of my folders.




I expected to see two, Document and Email.  I wanted to delete Document but the ID deleted Email instead.


Looking at the two IDs in the output from the above call they seem to be the same???


Document - ContentType ID=\"0x0101004DAFA0A932C94645B584822535763071004C69C8D6BB964C40BDBC40D8F258493F


- ContentType ID=\"0x0101004DAFA0A932C94645B584822535763071004C69C8D6BB964C40BDBC40D8F258493F


I would have expected each ID to be unique. Am I missing something?  I tried just 0x0101 that shows as the Document ID in SharePoint but this fails.

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Super User

Hi @rhood,


I would also expected two different ids.


Do you want to run this in a GET request instead?



This should give back a results property with the existing order.



Diving in a little more, it seems that each content type has it own unique value for each document library. 

I can delete the content type if I manually enter the correct ID so that's a good start!

To do this without manual intervention I am using get contenttype command to return all content type data: 


_api/web/lists/getbytitle('TEST 50')/ContentTypes


then running the output through several filters in order to retrieve the unique ID for document type (I may me going too far but is all I can think off).



I then pass this output to a variable


The value is [{"TypeID":"0x010100265C8847F1165C4980E7136341167606"}]

How do I only get 0x010100265C8847F1165C4980E7136341167606 as I with to use this variable in the final HTTP request to delete the content type?


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GOT IT. Thank you for you input



This find the unique ID for any given doc library, filters out Documents and deletes it.

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I have the similar requirement to set a default content type using flow. Can you please provide the solution with screenshot?


No problem.  My solution does rely on having a single content type at the end.

Here is my full flow:



The document folder needed to have the Content type set to managed during creation:


I then added my new content type -Email:


To find the content type ID I went to Site Settings > Site content types and choose the relevant content type


Now from here was a lot of trial and error as I could not find a way to just set Email as the default content type so as mentioned above I rely on deleting the only other document type - Document. This then forces Email to become the default.


What I seemed to find was that using the same method as above to find the content ID did not work.  From what I could see, the ID was unique to each document library so I needed to extract this information:



I then ran the results through Parse JSON to get access to the variables:


As there are more than one content type I further filtered the result (someone with more knowledge here could likely do this more efficiently):


Then finally I used this ID to delete the document content ID leaving me with Email as the default. Stringid held the value.




I hope this helps!

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