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Share My Flow with a Group - Concerned about the FULL ACCESS pop-up


I have created a flow that uses the following connectors:

  • FORMS (Ended up sharing from My Forms with the Group - saved on my OneDrive - because it was not an option to select from Teams Flow - ALSO, have it on a Channel Tab)

  • EXCEL (filling in form responses - saved to my oneDrive and shared with Group)

  • TEAMS (Post to Channel that group uses on a bigger Team)

  • GROUP EVENT (add a calendar event based on form entry on the Group Calendar)

  • EMAIL ---------deleted because it didn't switch to other users credentials and no permission to send as someone else. Also worried about the FULL ACCESS portion of sharing

  • NOTIFICATION (sends email to me if any step fails) - I was going to have a branch so that it sends a mobile notification if it is successful but I couldn't figure out how to add the phone number (BONUS QUESTION)

The tests work fine. However, the flow is not triggered when anyone else fills out the form. So, I figured that I needed to SHARE. When I go to share with the Group, it says that it will give FULL ACCESS. I take warning seriously. I tried to research and found how to share but NONE address what is meant by FULL ACCESS. Is it just to the specific targeted items in this flow (no problem) OR is it to the entire app as I would have access (all of my files, etc)?

FULL ACCESS to ... ?FULL ACCESS to ... ?

@ScottShearer, you have answered other questions - do you know the answer to this?

Thank you!

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hello @SeaLee ,


When you share a FLOW to users they will have entire access of your flow that means they can modify, run, see Run history, change actions and connections. In short everything you are able to do with flow that they can do with that flow. 


Another concept is adding users as RUN-ONLY , this means if you want to allow certain users permission to RUN a flow and do not want to give any other permissions than you can add RUN-Only users. 


I am not sure any other relevant document better than Microsoft Doc's for this topic. Please refer


Let me know if you have any questions.




(Please mark it resolved, if it helps you)



Hello @anupam8555 


I did think to use 'run only' but it didn't seem to be an option under Share since my flow is automatic and not manual.

shareFlow 2020-08-10 074639.jpg

Thank you for your explanation.



I just went ahead and shared. It still doesn't work for anyone else.

It is showing up as a Team Flow.


First, I shared to group. A member of the group submitted a form (this is the initial trigger) and nothing happened (it didn't even show up as a new entry in Forms).

Next, I shared to member as an individual. Did another form entry and nothing.


Any ideas?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @SeaLee ,


Can you please share some of details of flow like how you are triggering up ? 





Hello. I did the sharing but it wouldn't work for anyone else. It would never trigger.

I worked with a Microsoft Tech who said it was shared properly. We changed the Form to be anyone with Link (to allow him to test). He filled out the Form from the link and the Flow worked perfectly.


It still won't work from the Teams Channel Tab for anyone but me. I tried having it on the Tab as a Form (original) and as a website. Neither worked - it does not get back to the Forms site as a response so is unable to trigger the Flow. I ended up just sending the link out and posting on the Channel's wiki for future use. A coworker who is outside of the Group did a test. Everyone else is now skeptical that it will work so I am having trouble getting them to believe me. 


It seems strange that the hyperlink won't work since it really should, to my way of thinking, but I just give up. They can save the link to their browser and just use at will. Then they can still see the results in Teams.


Thank you for your help. It allowed me to overcome my fear of sharing ALL (the MS info is not clear on what to do with sharing other than the very basic process and not the results), rule things out, and be confident that I needed to reach out to MS when it was still unresponsive.


Take care.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Thanks @SeaLee 

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