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Helper II

SharePoint Copy File error

I have a fairly straight forward archive workflow to move older SharePoint library entries from a work library to an archive library.  The basic flow is as follows: Get Files (properties only) ->checks conditions -> if met then Copy File -> Update File Properties -> Delete File.  The conditions check for specific file types and last modified greater than 6 months. 


Right now I have it running daily, and every day I get multiple files failing with an error code of 400 an a msg saying "Source object has changed during copy process. please rerun copy operation to get the latest copy."  The next day when the archive job runs, the files that errored out, get archived.  


I would like to improve the efficiency of my flow.  For example, in the 3 runs this week, I had 22 files fail archiving with the error, only 3 archived on the first attempt, and 20 of the failed files archived on the following day.  The remaining 2 are failures today and I expect will archive tomorrow.


Is anyone else seeing this, or does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the problem beyond just having them get picked up in the next cycle?  





I am creating a new thread, as this one is not answered/solutioned.

To make it up a bit.

Here is the link :  SharePoint Copy action ERROR randomly popping Help needed 


Thanks !

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I had this error recently and it was happening because the source file was set to checked out. Once the file was checked in,I could move it fine.

It makes sense given the error message says the source file is one size, and the destination file is slightly larger.


Hope this helps someone. 

Hello @Anonymous ,

Thanks for your reply, it could be a point to investigate.

I do not recall checking if file has been checked in or not. How can you do that via flow ?

Thanks a lot !

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I have not had the need to do this personally, but I have used API calls to do other things.

Have a look here, to see if that helps you.

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