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SharePoint URL size limits blocking flows?

Apparently, the limit of characters allowed in a SharePoint URL is 255

Item URL:


Results from running a flow on the above Item:

"status": 502,
"message": "Invalid URL value.\n\nA URL field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.\r\nclientRequestId: xxxxxxxxxxxxx\r\nserviceRequestId: xxxxxxxxx",


My flow breaks when creating a list item with and using the lengthy URL as a hyperlink inside a list item


is there really a limit in that blocks my Flow?

Community Support
Community Support

Re: SharePoint URL size limits blocking flows?

Hi @ Jes,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


Will your flow breaks when creating a list item with and using the lengthy URL  that you mentioned as a hyperlink inside a list item?

Does the flow would works fine when creating a list item with and using the URL  less than 255 characters as a hyperlink inside a list item?


Please refer to link below to learn more about about how to increase the number of characters limit in hynamic column type:


Please let me know if your issue could be solved.


Alice Zhang

Regular Visitor

Re: SharePoint URL size limits blocking flows?

Check out the last recommendation in this post:  

A co-worker and I found a work-around. We are not updating both parts of the Hyperlink field, but this works nicely as an alternative.


Instead of a hyperlink field, we use a Multiple Lines of Text field with the text type set to "Enhanced Rich Text". In the flow, we insert something like this into the field:


<a target="_blank" href="[CURRENT ITEM:URL]">[CURRENT ITEM:URL PREVIEW]</a>


[CURRENT ITEM:URL] and [CURRENT ITEM:ID] are the dynamic content. The result is a link that appears in the list, under whatever column you chose.


This method has the downside of being less user friendly (unless you hide the field in the New Item/Edit Item forms), but I find it simple and reliable.


A note to any Microsoft moderators reading this: I realize that this could potentially be abused to inject code into a list. If something must be done about it, I humbly request that either A) certain DOM elements are white-listed or black-listed as necessary, so that some part of this functionality will survive, or B) the functionality to resolve OP's question is implemented.

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