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SharePoint Update File Properties with Runtime Site & Library

I am presently using Flow to monitor a functional mailbox and file inbound documents to a myriad sites and document libraries based upon the sending e-mail address.  The translation of From to Site/Library is done using a cross reference in a SP List.


So, for clarification, a message comes into the mailbox from Sender A.  Flow checks SP list for "Sender A" to determine which Site and Doc Library the attached file should be sent to.  Flow then uses Copy to SP action to save the attachment to the appropriate Site/Library.


In addition to saving the file, I need to be able to updated a couple of meta-data elements of the document once it's saved to the library. However, it appears that the SharePoint Update File Properties action has to have the Site and Library at Design time.  It doesn't trust that I will provide the necessary values at run-time by passing them from a previous step.


Has anyone found a work-around for this?  I really don't want to have to go down the path of managing the Site/Library assignment using 30 different condition statements followed by 30 individual update statements!!!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jpatrick327,


You could save the Site Address and Library Name in the Compose action, and then you could insert the Compose value in the Site Address and List Name field of the "Update file properties" action, the screenshot of the flow should as below:



Best regards,


Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don't see how the use of a Compose step as shown is any different than using the outputs from the "Get Items" step.  In your example, the Site URL and Library Name are being provided at design time to the Compose step.  As a result, the "Update File Properties" step can still resolve those addresses at design time.  My problem is that these values are not known at design time, so I cannot assign them in this way to the Compose step. They are determined using a query at run-time.


If I've misunderstood the suggestion, please let me know.



Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

I can’t comment on the suggestion above, but it may work and you can put the output from your Get Items into the compose.

The ultimate power user in-friendly approach will be a “Send HTML to SharePoint” action and you build the REST query up manually.

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