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Sharepoint/Microsoft Flow authorisation request



I need to create an authorisation request where:

1) Users create a new item and fill in information on a SharePoint List

2) This starts a request for Requester 1 (E.g. IT Team)

3) If requester 1 says yes, then it moves on to Requester 2 (Manager). If No, it will email the user who created the request saying why/no

4) If requester 2 (Manager) says yes then for now authorisation will be granted and the user gets an email. If no user is also emailed. 


Please would it be possible to check if my flow and method is the most effective and best way possible? I will attach screenshots 🙂 

User fills in request form in SharePointUser fills in request form in SharePointStep 1: Start of Flow. Approver 1Step 1: Start of Flow. Approver 1Step 2 in flow: If yes, send to approver 2Step 2 in flow: If yes, send to approver 2Step 3: If approver 2 yes, send email to user who created requestStep 3: If approver 2 yes, send email to user who created request




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can you please share screen shot here is my screen shot 







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Hello, Just a thought - could you have a condition inside of the first condition, and that would solve the problem better?

Hi @Anonymous


What do you mean/could you explain further?


Sorry its my first time using flow as well 🙂

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No problem, I can share a photo what I mean. (you can click on it to view it bigger) Cat Happy

If requester 1 says no it will only send email and be "done". If it says yes it will check requester 2. Either way it will send an email.


Hope this helps!

Approval FlowApproval Flow

Cheers, that may shorten the flow!  I will have a play around and try it. Would you say the rest of my flow and method makes sense to achieve the authorisation process?


The importance of the two step approval is so the first/second approver can go and edit certain columns in the sharepoint list like 'what does the user currently have access to' etc.


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I think so, its hard to say but you should just try and test it if it works okay and is efficient enough.

One tip is - I like to draw before I start on making a Flow, just to simplify the process without all the small details.
Maybe make a "Flowchart"  if you are a bit stuck.

If you feel like this solved your problem please mark the comment "Accept as SolutionCat Happy

@Anonymous Thanks I will test it out and get back to you 🙂


Do you know if I could make it so once the final approver has approved the request, then the 'Approved' Column or 'Status' Column would automatically turn to approver or yes/no?


Is this an easy/quick to do step?



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Hello again Cat Happy


Maybe you can try to get the file properties and then update the chosen column. 
I've made a simple test list and example Flow to try this, and I think it should work.



get and updateget and update


Thanks. Any chance of a bigger/clearer image of this 🙂 PS @Anonymous Do you know whats the best thing to add if I want it so when the second approver approves the item, the first approver(s) get an email notified and then the user who created the item is told? So basically 1) user makes item. 2) IT Team approve 3) Manager approves 4) IT Team is notified that manager approved it/sent an email 5) User who made request is notified So just need to add step 4 in? Thanks!

Hi, Just initialize the different Variables like Approver 1,Approver 2 and so on of type string, when user Approve the request save his email address given in "Approver Email" property to variable by using Set Variable action. Now you can use their email across the flow for sending them an email. Thanks. Regards, Harry_G


@Harry_G @Anonymous

When I click on the update file properties. It says I have to have information for the mandatory columns in my List?


How could I just change the 'Approved' Column to yes on the sharepoint list. It is the user who will add in the mandatory information




approval 2.pngapproval 3.png

Or I think this works. Could I add the e.g. role title in the role title column to make it use the value the user adds? and do this for every column?

hi @tested1,


Can you please tell me that you used powerApps form or sharepoint default form?





you can use item properties to fill up the mandatory columns. see the red circles.






approval 4.png


@Anonymous So like this? I think it works fine now. And @Harry_G I am using Microsoft Flow with a SharePoint List


Just going to test the approval out with some users now (Long overdue..). Thanks

@tested1 yes absolutly.....


if you find this helpful please mark it resolve.





@Harry_G  @Anonymous


Sorry I have one other issue if you could please assist on.


I want to attach a file or possibly better yet, send a link to the first Approver with an Excel file for them to refer to

So like an excel file uploaded to a sharepoint site and send the link.


I have added a new setep to send an email to the first approver, and the body will contain a hyperlink saying click here. Sending the approver to the online excel sheet.


Is there any more efficient way to do this? Such as sending this link or attachment during the approval step. As now the first approver will have 1 email for approving and then a separate email with the Excel sheet. See pic below 


approval 5.png

@tested1 it is better to use Email with option Action instead of approval because approval has no option for file attachments yet but i think its under review my microsoft.



another way is to send Excel file Link with approval see Link Item field where you add link of Excel file.



These are two methods, now its on up to you which one is feasible for you.






@Harry_G   @Anonymous


Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. I will test that out and look into it.


Sorry this is as work in progress and I am receiving updates/changes to the authorisation flow as time goes on so it changes.



1) If I wanted 'Approver 1' to attach a file to the Users request in the item list. Once they have approved it,  Is this possible.


Is the best way for the Approver 1 to open the Users request and click add attachment in the list? It does not matter if the user who created this file can see this, as long as other users cant (I should have this permission set up already)


2) See the Approved item in the bottom, I believe its possible for the User who creates the item to turn this to 'Yes' 

Is there a way to remove this or make it so the User cannot change this in the list? Could I change some settings in the Approved Column?


auth 5.png


you can attach Approver 1 to open the Users request and click add attachment to attach a file. however  Once they have approved the request i think it is not possible but you can manually attached file in SP Form.




Thanks . I just approved an item and I could still click on the request and manually add a file. So having the Approver manually add the file to the request is the best?


Do you have any idea about the ability for a user to change the Approved column to Yes themselves when they create a new item/request?


I guess it would not benefit anyone if they changed it to Yes but it would be great if they couldnt change that or if the default item in the column was also No and could not be changed until approved 

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