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Helper I
Helper I

Sharepoint: When an item is created -- trigger Error Status 400 One or more field types are not installed properly

I have searched the internet for answers for hours, to no avail.

Here's my trigger:


Here's my pre-execution error banner:


Here's the Output-Body section:
  "message""One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields.\r\nclientRequestId: 10feac85-2a71-4c16-868a-6c4eb56e188b\r\nserviceRequestId: 10feac85-2a71-4c16-868a-6c4eb56e188b"
I've tried using specific views in the 'Limit Columns by View' field, but I keep getting the same error.
Where to start? This is a list that is currently in use with years of data, so I'm reluctant to start randomly deleting fields without any direction. Please share your thoughts!
Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @khumphries1, a possible reason could be the Title column or another column was recently renamed. I once had such an issue, but it was resolved when I closed the flow and opened it later. Another possible reason is the data type of a column in the list was changed and it caused some conflict in the existing data of that column.

Community Champion
Community Champion

There is an issue with your querying of a renamed column. When you rename a column, the original name stays, only the display name changes. Instead of using a list view, you could use an OData query.

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Thank you @Brad_Groux  -- I am using the trigger "When an item is created" which does not offer an opportunity to apply an OData query. However, perhaps I can create a view that excludes any renamed columns and reference that in the trigger.


I have many "Get items", "Get item" and "Update item" actions below the initial trigger, so your OData suggestion may be applicable there.

@Brad_Groux , @bibhupanigrahi  -- Thanks for your suggestions. There are several fields in this list that have been renamed in the past, but I am not at liberty to change those names back.

In case the error occurs because I am referring to a view that contains renamed fields, I have created a view that contains only the ID field (not renamed):


and referenced that view in my trigger:


But the results are the same:


BTW, my single-field view is not sorted, not filtered, etc. -- just a simple view with one un-renamed field.

This leads me to believe that the problem is not that I am referencing a view with renamed fields, but that the simple act of renaming fields renders the list unusable! It is not clear to me why such a common activity should cause such grief to Power Automate.

I welcome comments from any other community members!

Renaming a column doesn't make it unusable. I have many lists with renamed columns that don't cause issues. My guess is there is something inherently wrong with your list. It could be in the column naming, special characters, advanced settings, form settings, validation settings, permissions, etc. 

You could try creating a copy of the list and seeing if the issue persists with the copy. I've also created "working" lists and "master" lists relationships, so I have a working list that I run Flows off of, and a master list that is synchronized as the working list is updated. I've done this is the past for troublesome legacy lists, and for Excel tables.

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This issue has been resolved, and for the benefit of the community I will explain. This particular list has had some beyond-OOB-customizations applied by my predecessor in the role.


One is not the cause of this error, and one is.


First the customization that is not the cause -- a bit of javascript on the default View page, that displays an icon in a list view.


However, there was also a second javascript customization in place that supported "cascading dropdowns" on the New item form -- the fields were defined to SP as "Single line of text", but the javascript causes them to behave like linked dropdown fields. Apparently this caused SP to complain that "One or more field types are not installed properly."


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