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Sharepoint list, get item of last record submitted by each user



hoping someone can help me, this site has been my rock for the last 12months and helped me with lots of issues i've had however I'm struggling to find a solution to this.


I have a sharepoint list which is populated from a powerapp.


It is to track commercial vehicle maintance records, the idea is each user submits a new entry each month, all this works.


I now want to create an automated process to email the user 30days after their last submission, then another 35days after and another 40days after.  Whilst I have done this using the ODATA addDays filter it looks at ALL the records in the sharepoint list.  So a working example a user submits, the 30days expires they submit a new entry they still continue to get the 35day and 40day email notifications about the older submission.


In my sharepoint list I have the email address of the user, so what I was thinking was sorting the list by submissionDate and taking the newest entry from each unique email address but I am bit stuck of how to filter/query just this then doing the rest of my 30day, 35day, 40day and so on email chasers off this data.


anyone have any ideas?


thanks in advance.




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You can run a scheduled daily flow that will fetch all items that match your filter criteria (e.g. lastSubmit eq 'addDays(now(),-30)'). Something like this:


This will fetch all items that have a lastSubmit date of 30 days ago. You can expand your filter query by using OR for the other day limits as well. Example:

lastSubmit eq 'addDays(now(),-30)' OR lastSubmit eq 'addDays(now(),-35)'

And so on

Thanks for this but this is not quite what I was after.  I probably didn't explain very well, the working you've done is what I already have however lets say my SP list has 50 items on it from 10 different users, they are all on the list.  When I run the flow for the 30,35,40 day it checks ALL the records on this list, so if a unique user acts on their 30day reminder the original item will get checked again after 35days and again after 40days but once they have submitted their new item it is that item only that the checks want to be done against not the whole SP list.


So what I need to do is filter the sharepoint list to ONLY take 1 item each unique user which would be their NEWEST and then I can run the flow against that item for the 30,35,40 days etc.


This is where I am stuck 🙂  hope that helps explain better?


Hi @learning_day  are you able to share your flow as it stands and any test/dummy data to match your SharePoint list please?

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