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Sharepoint trigger 'for a selected item'



I am trying to use the Sharepoint trigger 'for a selected item' to start a flow. I selected the Site Address and the List Name, but I do not understand how I select an item from the list to trigger the flow. There are no other options.


I would expect to be able to somehow select an item from the list after which the flow would start.


Please advise.







I'm also trying to work with the SharePoint "... for a selected Item" trigger. As of 9-12 it was considered not usable by the Community Support Team (referencing the reply below)


This is the situation I'm trying to resolve:


Is that still the case? Just wanted to check as I'm not getting far with it at all. The SharePoint Get Item action was a good suggestion but it's not happening. If It's not quite ready that's fine, I'll wait until it is. Just wanted to ask the Community Support Team about this. Any pointers on the above thread would also be most appreciated. 

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Hi @Pandra - support for the "for a selected item" trigger has not rolled out yet. It will be available in the near future, but no exact ETA yet.  

@merwan, thanks for the reply on this. 


I'll wait until this has been rolled out and then try it again








@merwanIs there any update on the rollout of 'for a selected item' and the SP flow panel?

Thank you in advance!

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@merwan- Just to clarify, the "for a selected item" trigger available in Flow now is not actually working or supported?

Hi all, the "For a selected item" is now fully supported. You can learn more in this blog post:

Hi @merwan


I am trying to use For a selected item and send an email to a user. i see options to add inputs for this trigger and when i add File content option and choose a file and send it in email. file format which comes is not valid.Please refer below screen shot. Can you tell me how to use this feature of attaching a file?



Any update on this? I want the user to be able to manually start a workflow.

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I got this feature working in about an hour. I randomly happened upon it and decided to Google search anyone elses experience with this control and found a lot of people asking how to use it.


First I went here:


I then created a new column, added in my JSON, changed the button text and changed the Flow ID to execute. I now have the following:



Optionally, select a item, go to the Flow dropdown and select the Flow you want to run:



When I click the button, a window opens up on the right of the SharePoint list:



My simple Microsoft Flow with the "For a selected item" trigger/action:


That is awsome! Implemented and works!

I also created a couple of flows using "for a selected item" in a document library, and they worked entirely. However, I recently tried creating another flow using "for a selected item" on a list. The list itself was *very* recently converted from a Classic list to a Modern list. It had been imported from Excel, so it had to be a classic list. When it was converted, I was really excited, because I've wanted to use the "for a selected item" trigger item in that list for a long time.


The problem is it doesn't work! I created the flow, and the flow I created appears in the user interface, but when I click it to run, nothing happens. When I check the flow history, it reports it has never been run.


Maybe I am on the bleeding edge. But it would be spectacular if this could be made to work. 😞 

@KeremY - Could you please take a look? 

@JStenitzer - Could you please send us the Flow ID, so that we can help debug? Simply open the flow and send us the url, we'll get the ID from it. 


Why can't we select document libraries from the lists dropdown in this trigger? 

If we insert the list GUID it works normally

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Hi @michelcarlo - we are working on a separate "for a selected file" trigger that will enable you to select document libraries. We expect to release this in the near future. 

Your problem may be that you did not add the account kicking off the manual flow to the "Manage Run-Only Users" section of the flow. 

  1. Click the selected item flow from the flows screen
  2. You will see on the right at the bottom Manage Run-Only Users
  3. Add the account you wish to run the flow to this list and save it.

There are also settings in this screen to control who the flow runs as for each of the connections in your flow.  If you have a SharePoint connection, you can set the run only users setting to connect to SharePoint with a connection that has access.  If you have MFA running, you may need to change this to an account with MFA to get rid of any token errors you may be getting.


Here is an image of the Run Only permissions screen


How soon is now, gentlemen? Seven months passed since this teaser and still no "for a selected document" trigger available.

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This trigger no longer works with document libraries.  Was a change implemented?  If you create a new flow from the document library there is a new trigger "For Selected Document"  but that trigger is not selectable from with in a flow.    What is going on ?  

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