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Solutions is not letting me create anything

Hey all,

I am present in the MS(new default) environment and I created a new solution and added myself as a publisher. Now, when I open the solution I get this error and I am not able to create anything:


Screenshot from 2020-06-26 11-15-57.pngCan someone help me out with this?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage


Have you created the Solution in the Default Environment? Can you please check your permissions on that environment. Looks like you dont have permission to read the enttiy

Hey @Rahber , I have made it in Microsoft(new default) environment only. And I think I have Environment Maker role in it because I can create and use connectors and flows in the environment.

Can you assign yourself common data service user role or even Systems Administrator role?

Hey @Rahber  I don't think that's possible because MS default environment is for all Microsoft employees(anyone with an account), and I am not the admin of the environment, so I dont think I'll be able to get the access, because even in admin portal it will show only those environments that I have created as I am the admin of those.

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