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Split Repeating String with Carriage Return



I am totally stumped on something that is probably pretty easy - I’m new to PA and only know basic coding. I’m not at my pc right now so can’t provide screenshots of my flow, but can do tomorrow. I can’t quit thinking about this!!


I have a SharePoint list with a multi text column that is fed from a PowerApp gallery. In this gallery the user lists multiple names and qualifications for each job, so each SharePoint ID can have multiple people listed in this column with 5 items each: name, 4 digit ID, task, expiration date, and ‘ok’. Each attribute is separated by a comma and each new entry/person is separated by a carriage return. 


I create a string variable that separates by comma but when I try to load this into an array it doesn’t break out properly I think because of the carriage return. So let’s say SharePoint ID 10 has three people listed in the multi-text column with 5 attributes each, so 15 items. The array I create shows as:


John Doe,1234,training,10/10/20,ok\rJane Doe,5678,testing,1/1/2021,ok\r,Tim Doe,9876,certification,9/5/20,ok\r



Ultimately I want to pull the name and expiration date for each person to load into a separate SP list that tracks expiration dates. 

I feel like I’m over complicating this or missing a step. That carriage return is really throwing me for a loop. 

Help me Oh Wise Ones!! 


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Phew, I have a lot to learn!  But between @KranthiTupakula's help as well as this post:, I was able to figure it out.  


Thank you very much @KranthiTupakula for getting me on the right track.

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Responsive Resident



You can use below format to split the string first and load it into an array and then split it again in foreach loop.






Thank you very much for the quick reply.  I still seem to be running into the same problem where my line breaks\carriage returns won't split out of the string, even trying what you suggested....if I did it right.


Just FYI, my first split is also running into an Apply to Each loop because I have a Yes\No condition to help filter down the data.  Here is what I am getting returned after my first split:

Peek Code.pngFlowOutput.png


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I might have this figured out with splitUri.  I wasn’t able to work on it much today but will update this tomorrow if I get that to work. 

Phew, I have a lot to learn!  But between @KranthiTupakula's help as well as this post:, I was able to figure it out.  


Thank you very much @KranthiTupakula for getting me on the right track.

Glad to hear that i was able to at the least assist you and have you on the right track.

Please @ mention me if you have any questions in the future.


Happy App Building.



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Hi @Kenright771 ,


I realized that you wanted to divide the String structure from your problem according to the '\ r' character, that is, a subline. You wrote that you overcame this problem. I also examined the shared links here, but I could not split according to a sub-line.

Can you share how you solved this problem?

Thank you from now.

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 After the part that says "\ n \ n" in this area is on the bottom line and I want to split it according to the bottom line. For this Split Separator; I've tried '% 0A', '\ n', '\ n \ n', ''. So I tried to split in 4 different options but still couldn't.

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