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Start and Wait for Approval email details not rendering in Outlook Desktop

I have a Power Automate Flow that I built, the structure of the entire flow is attached but in a nut shell it takes a MS Forms response, inserts the data into an excel sheet, starts and waits for an approval by sending the message with the content from the Form in the "Details' section of the email (shown bellow) - and this is where my problem is occurring. the email that is send to be either approved or rejected however the body of the email that contains the content from 'Details' is not rendering in outlook (shown bellow). when I look at the same email on my phone however, all the information renders there perfectly fine. 

 - I have already checked that I have the most up to date version of Outlook.


the structure of the entire Flow:

Entire Flow.JPG


Details section of approval populated with data that goes from the Form then to an excel sheet as shown in pic above. (it is quite lengthy I couldn't capture all of it)

statr and wait approval.JPG

The body not rendering in my Email (again it as long as the request should be so very lengthy but it has the buttons to Approve/Reject at the Bottom. 

Blank Body.JPG



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