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Template Validation Failed

I have a flow that previous worked and now when I go in and attempt to edit the flow, I'm receiving this error. The template validation failed: 'The 'recurrence' property of template trigger 'When_an_item_is_created' at line '1' and column '993' is not defined or not valid.'. My flow is triggered off when a new list item is created on SharePoint, I've replaced all the values in each step so that I am sure it's pulling the most up to date dynamic field. This flow has no recurrence action included.
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @klitza,


Could you share a screenshot of your Flow configuration?

I cannot reproduce similar issue on my side.

You could try to rename the Flow first, then reconfigure the action or trigger mentioned in the error message.

Please take a try and provide more details, so that we could provide further advice.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Barry
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey, @klitza!

Thank you for posting on the Flow Community Forum! It appears as though @v-bacao-msft would like some more information in order to further assist you properly with your issue. Please share any additional information that was requested in order to decrease the amount of time that it will take for you to be assisted!

Thank you for being an active member of the Flow Community!

Flow Community Manager

- Gabriel
Community Manager
Power Automate | Power Virtual Agents
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Today I am having the same issue... The production flow runs a while now and today I wanted to update a text value but it states that the flow can not be saved with the same error message.

Even when I create a new flow with the same trigger and a variable action the error is the same and I am unable to save the flow.

Exporting the flow and then importing runs successfull and does not help me to solve the issue.


I even exported the flow to a json file and checked the trigger object

"triggers": {
        "Wanneer_een_goedkeuring_is_aangevraagd": {
          "recurrence": {
            "interval": 15,
            "frequency": "Minute"
          "splitOn": "@triggerBody()?['value']",
          "metadata": { "flowSystemMetadata": { "swaggerOperationId": "GetOnNewItems" } },
          "type": "ApiConnection",
          "inputs": {
            "host": {
              "connection": { "name": "@parameters('$connections')['sharepointonline']['connectionId']" },
              "api": { "runtimeUrl": "" }
            "method": "get",
            "path": "/datasets/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent('tenanturl'))}/tables/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent('12345678-1234-4aed-aa46-9c2a32bd953d'))}/onnewitems",
            "authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"

But the recurrence object exists and seems to be valid. I checked the trigger on a different tenant with the same action and that trigger seems to be the same object structure.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Today I am haveing the same issue, the flow work fine and processes new requests. But when I want to update the flow this error message occures.

I have checked the exported json file if the recurrence object exists within the object and checked it with a different json file from a different tenant.

The funny thing is that if I export the flow and then import the flow into a different user account the flow is saved and fully working.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Oke, I have solved it for me.

Within the flow I tried to create a new connection for my trigger, but then I recieved an error message that I was not entitled to use powerapps... strange...

I opened an inprivate browser session, went to flow, login with my MFA and saved the flow. This worked!

Went back to my 'normal' browser and the error of the trigger remains the same... Loging out of office 365, relogin with MFA, went to flow, saved the flow. WORKED!


So perhaps your MFA token needs to be refreshed in order to update the flow and the connection that is based on it.

What this has to do with the trigger and recurrence part I don't know.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

I have a similar error, just with another line:


The template validation failed: 'The 'recurrence' property of template trigger 'When_an_item_is_created_or_modified' at line '1' and column '1011' is not defined or not valid.'.

I tried also the idea of @bonm014 to log into a fresh private browser session into office 365 and save, but I get the same error.


I get the error without change the flow, just by open the flow and try to save it directly. The flow itself is running, but need maintanance. Any Idea?

I have the same error, I cannot modify my flow.

I tried to copy le flow and recreate it, same error.

Any idea how to get onto the real problem with using the error-column-information out of the error?

I export my flow, but there are some files inside and the column number don't give me a real idea in the exported files what the error is really about. Perhaps recreate of a node in the flow is needed. But a more specific error message is needed.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Same issue here! Private windows or changing browsers doesn't seem to be solve the problem. Looks like a BUG in the platform... Should be addressed immediately by Microsoft.


I've investigated a little bit more and found the issue. Any "Automated Trigger" seems to be bringing a negative recurrence time. Here´s the code for the "When a file is created or modified in a folder" trigger (and any other "When a file/item..." option):


{"inputs": {
"host": {"connection": {"name": "@parameters('$connections')['shared_sharepointonline']['connectionId']" }
"method": "get",
"path": "/datasets/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(''))}/triggers/onnewfile",
"queries": {"folderId": "%252fShared%2bDocuments","queryParametersSingleEncoded": true,"inferContentType": true },
"authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')" },
    "recurrence": {
            "interval": -0.016666666666666666,
            "frequency": "Minute"
"metadata": {
"%252fShared%2bDocuments": "/Shared Documents"
The recurrence interval is negative! When using a Recurrence or PowerApps trigger this issue can be avoided. In the Recurrence trigger the recurrence time must be set to a positive value (if you have this issue, just create a new Recurrence trigger to test and you'll see the negative value selected by default. You won't be able to save the flow unless you change it to a positive one).
Since the user cannot adjust this value in Automated triggers, the platform cannot be used. Previously saved Flows continue to work without issues, but no new flows can be added, and the old ones cannot be modified either.
Again... this looks like a very serious BUG!

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