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Trigger a flow with sharepoint button


How can I trigger a Flow by pressing a SharePoint button? Is it posible whitout Power apps?


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@Sergio_Carol yes this can be done without Power Apps using a combination of a flow and JSON column formatting of the list column. We use this a lot in our lists & libraries at my company.

For the button you will need a single line of text column in your list:


In your flow use a SharePoint of For a selected file (if the button is in a library) or For a selected item (if it's in a list):


 When you've saved your flow copy the id of the flow from the address bar:


Back in your SharePoint list you need to format the column where the button will be and go to Format this column:


Then add in the JSON code below, changing the id to your flow's ID:


  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "button",
  "txtContent": "Publish to Teams",
  "customRowAction": {
    "action": "executeFlow",
    "actionParams": "{\"id\": \"021ec4e0-8f85-46b3-a557-a4456960a4eb\"}"
  "style": {
    "background-color": "#468259",
    "color": "white",
    "visibility": "=if(([$PublishedToTeams] == 'Yes'),'hidden','visible')"


I've added a background color and changed the font color and also added a condition that only displays the button my column PublishedToTeams is not equal to Yes. But you don't need that to make the button work - the default styling is shown in the Email column next to the Teams column. You will need to change the text on the button and this is done on the txtComment line. When you press click the button the flow will run - you will be asked to confirm the run each time.

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Thank you @RobElliott


I understand (more or less 😀) your answer but my problem is in a SharePoint web button, not in a library or list. I think I only can use a URL link.




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