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UTC Time zone to Local Time Zone

Hi Team,


I am building a flow with Trigger of a button wherein I am capturing the Date Time but it's giving me UTC Time. Whereas I have an audience in different countries like Austria, Singapore, Manila, Srilanka, etc. After getting their data I want to send a consolidated report which is stored in SP List.


As of Now in the expression, I am using UTCNOW()


The attached image is the ref of the FLOW

I want the local time zone to be capture when a person triggers the button from their Mobile it needs to capture the local time of his country.


Please guide me on the steps or formula which can be used to overcome this huddle.



Akbar Alam

Thanks in advance

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @akbarmahfuzalam 


When we use buttons we have a hidden property that calls  'key-button-timestamp', this property get the current timestamp from user that triggered the button


Look my flow below, the first action is user's time and the second is the utc time




To get this property just use this expression triggerBody()?['key-button-timestamp']


Your flow should be like this





hope this helps


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Gustavo Moraes, o astronauta brasileiro do Flow!

Hi Gustavo,


What action do I need to select after I trigger


Is it variable which I need to-  set variable or initialize variable

Or Current Time

Because I do not find the Timestamp for user as an action.

If you have template which I can copy as a clipboard.




Hi Gustavo,


Please help me I am new to flow, your guide will help me to learn more.


I somehow come to the conclusion that I need to use the Compose function. But the formula you asked me to paste it's somehow showing a bit different.


I used the same output in the title- Create Items.


On my TrigerButton Flow, there are few ask for the User to input... all are in text with dropdown.





Hi @akbarmahfuzalam sorry for late response, its mothers day 😄



Your compose's formula is right, you triggered the flow by the phone?


Because this property only are filled when triggered by the phone button.


If your flow will be triggered by PC we'll need to make some changes.


Best Regards

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Gustavo Moraes, o astronauta brasileiro do Flow!

Happy Mother Day!


What would be the changes because a  large audience is using the web version of my flow?

And I tried that on my Mobile to run the button. But it doesn't give me the result that I wanted.

If you could share that part only on email at so that I can use the as a clipboard and try to see the result. 

 Help is appreciated 


I have just checked and found it.. it works absolutely fine with mobile. But my queries still remain the same how would I achieve both.

Because my large audience is it on a Web browser in so many countries.

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