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Unable to Set To and From Fields of Email entity of Dynamics 365 CE through MS FLOW create action.


I wanted to create Email entity records in Dynamics 365 CE through MS FLOW. But, here i am unable to set "From" and "To" fields of the Email entity.  Email records are creating without From and To fields.


I am using normal Create record action to create email record in CRM? But unable to set From and To.



Can anybody let me know how to set 'From' and 'To' fields? As we know, these 'From' and 'To' fields are not a normal Lookup fields in CRM, they are PartyLIst fields. Please let me know how to set these PartyList fields.


Thanks in Advance. 





Helper III
Helper III



In my connectors list, I see ONLY one CDS connector.  

Do I need to do anything additionally to list other one as well?



Your flow needs to be created within a solution.  If it is created through 'My Flows' or 'My Team Flows' you won't have access to the connector.  I would recommend having a look at the screen shots that I added on the 23/03/2020 to to response to Achavan, then creating your flow from within a solution.

Shouldn't be too much rework if you just create the trigger in the new solution, then use the clipboard to copy your other connectors into the new flow.

Thanks @Tarjani .  This issue is fixed now.


is this how a FLOW to be designed by using the Current Environment CDS connector?   then deploy this solution to the SIT and other environments ? 

To access CDS (Current Environment) it always has to be through a solution - took me a little bit to learn that, which is why I'm happy to jump into this thread when someone runs into the same problem.   😊

I think we are being encouraged to do all dev work in solutions in sandbox and then move the solution into production - just like we would any other work would be done in the CRM/D365.   Hence why this connector - one which I find more advanced - is possibly only a solution based helper.  

Glad you found your answer to your issue  😉



Hope you are well.


Could anyone please help me I have to set from field in email & I have queue record to be populated in from field.

How can I do so. I am getting "Resource not found for the segment Queue" error when I am trying to set Queue(Queue_GUID)



The entity needs to be plural: Queues(Queue_GUID)


Could you give this a try?

Thanks Freek

Easy workaround for anyone who like me made a whole flow and realized you couldn't tag parties, without having to export and import to a solution or recreate in a "Solution" to have the appropriate connector.

Just go make a blank flow in solution, add the right create record CDS current environment action that shows the json activity party. Click 3 dots then use the new "copy action" feature, and go to the next tab with your current flow that is not in the solution and paste the action there. It will place the "current environment" action into a flow that is not in a solution.

The only problem I ran into is I could not tag regarding correct, it error'd couldnt find GUID. So I just added a normal update record CDS from normal connector and tagged regarding that way. 

Probably will break whenever MS actually updates the normal CDS connector if they ever do, but until then it is working fine.

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