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Unable to map Connection to a Custom connector using Solution connection references

o the Solution I have in one environment consists of:

  • Power App - Calls the Power App trigger Flow (below)
  • Power App triggered Flow - This has the following actions
    • Send Office 365 Email action - Uses the Exchange Connection Ref connection reference
    • Get Rows SQL Action - Uses a SQL Test Connection Ref connection reference
    • Custom Action - This is from a Custom Connector provided by another Solution - Uses the Provisioning Connection Ref connection reference
  • Connection References
    • Exchange Connection Ref
    • SQL Test Connection Ref
    • Provisioning Connection Ref

The target environment already has the other Custom Connector solution imported.


When importing the above solution in to the target environment, the connections panel shows the following


Clicking New Connection results in the



Unpacking the solution and viewing the Customizations.xml seems to point to the connectorid for the custom connector being different to the connector id for the Custom Connector provided by the other solution. Is this currently an unsupported approach for custom connectors?


If I edit the Customisations.xml and update the connectorid to match the one provided by the other solution containing the the custom connector, it shows existing connections as shown below and imports correctly


It said in the release blog the custom connectors were supported and granted this is in preview, but I have tried various things to get this to work and can't.


Also I have been unable to get the Power App within the solution to use the connection references, for example the SQL connection reference. The blog mentions something, but its not clear what the exact steps are.


Anyone able to help with the above would be appreciated

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Super User

Hello @craigblowfield 

Since this feature is in preview, it may not work as intended for all connections.

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I am aware it is in preview, but the blog states it supports connection refs for custom connectors and Canvas apps. So either:-


  • Its a bug in its current implementation - But these issues would be obvious when testing before preview release as these just don't seem to work
  • A known limitation in the currently version - But this would go against what was stated in the blog
  • I'm doing it wrong (quite likely) or there is a workaround

So it doesn't look like it's possible to deploy a custom connector with a static/defined ID using either Solutions or the Connector CLI (paconn).


Therefore, as the connection references mechanism use the connector ID, its not possible for a Solution with a connection reference for a custom connector to be portable across environments, as the custom connector in each environment will have a different Connector ID.


The only way I have got round this is to create a unique Solution for each target environment. Setting up an Azure pipeline task to Extract the Solution and set the connection reference connector ID in Customizations.xml and repack. So I now have,

Advocate III
Advocate III

Hi @craigblowfield it looks like you figured out the "bug" with connection references, custom connectors and Solutions. It basically means that adding custom connectors to Solutions is a waste of time. Surely the whole point of Solutions is portability between environments? I have an open support ticket with Microsoft (3 weeks+) and they've been unable to tell me what you already posted here.


My situation is slightly different from yours, but I'm affected by the same problem with static custom connector IDs in the connection references. I have the custom connector, connection reference and the flows which use the custom connector all in the same solution. I'm trying to export the solution (as unmanaged) and import into a new (blank) environment, and get the same error message you described. If I split the custom connector out into its own solution, do you know of a way I could automatically import it into a new environment and get the deployed connector ID (to use in the solution export as you did)?




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