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Update Item is Failing


I have an Approval Flow that keeps failing on the first case of Update Item.

The error I'm receiving is:


A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId: ce373afd-1a64-4af2-8326-b06fd29f5a19


This is a snapshot of my Update Item step:

Update Item.pngI have a flow just like this that works fine so I don't see what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: Update Item is Failing

That error message seems like one of your required values in your list is blank.  I see from the screenshot that the ID and Title columns are required.  First thing I would do is check and make sure that the ID and Title values you are passing in do in fact contain values.  If those are blank that could cause the error you are seeing.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Update Item is Failing

Hi @ kmason,


Could you please share a full screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Havd you update the column 's input type in your list?



The error message told that a value must be provided for item.

Please check if there is a field that require input value in the list and you don't set value in the field.


Please take a try to delete the "Update item" in MS FLOW that throws error and re-adding that action and let me know if your issue could be solved.


Alice Zhang

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Re: Update Item is Failing

You can't delete the Update Item step because there are other steps that are dependent on it. The strange thing is, I have this step in another flow that works exactly the same way the only difference is there are more approvers so more steps. It makes absolutely no sense. I have our SharePoint Admin looking at it. I'm hoping she can find an answer. This is maddening.

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Re: Update Item is Failing

Hi Alice,


I have the same issue. The issue can be rectified by deleting the action 'Update item' however, this is a problem that's impacting every 'update item' action in the flow. And when there are over 10 update items, it becomes quite time consuming to manually recreate all of them. Additionally, this did not used to be a problem, it's only recently (in the past month or two?) that I've noticed this. Although the action 'update item' reflects the up-to-date fields (including any new ones/not displaying deleted ones), when the flow runs, the 'item' still contains fields that have been removed. In my case, the 'recommended by' field was required, and now it's been removed from the list (so when I trigger the flow, there wouldn't be a value in this field as it doesn't even exist anymore), but it's still showing up in 'item', and resulting in this error.


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Re: Update Item is Failing

If you try to change the list used in your update item step it fails (Of an old flow that has already run)


The item it gets as an input seems to keep on getting the fields from the item of the orginal list plus the fields from the item of the new list. At then end I had to delete the update item step and redo it, since I could not found a way to fix this issue.


Is this the place to report issues?


If you change the list on the step, it should not keep on bringing fields from a list that is no longer being referenced and that has been already deleted from sharepoint.



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