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Responsive Resident

Using Flow to add 1,000's of items - how to avoid throttle?

Hi Community,
As the subject says, I need to create 1,000's of items and quick edit is just not going to cut it. Is there a way for me to add say 10,000 items from an excel file without getting throttled?

Super User
Super User


You could create a Flow that loops until a counter you set and increment hits a maximum value.  Please note that, by default a Do Until loop will on loop 60 times and run for a maximum of one hour.  You can change those defaults by clicking on Change limits and setting the count and timeout as appropriate.  

Even when you change the limits, a Do Until loop will run for a maximum of 5000 times.  I don't believe that this is increased if you have a premium license, but I'm not sure.  This means that to create 10000 list items, you'll need two loops.

Inside of the loop, you could get one row at a time from Excel and use a create item action.  Alternatively, you could use a Get Rows action and loop through all items returned up to 5000 times.




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Hi @ScottShearer  - Any chance you can give me a visual on how that do until loop might look?

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