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Using Flow to create Petty cash, ist possible ? two number calculation

Hi there, 


We are moving from G-suit and we have used sheets for our purchase order, petty cash and cash payment forms.

I have worked a way to use PO and its working fine.


The issue creating Petty cash is I can't do any manual edit on Excel /or when I do the order numbers changes. (using forms to fill excel)



Assuming in petty cash there is $1000

1-Using forms

2-When a person want to get some cash out of Petty cash will submit a form with money out 100

3- Flow will update the SharePoint list column with $100 under column money out 

how do I get the calculation to deduct the total of 1000 -100 and or if the person adding 100

Petty cash, Adding flow


Now how to calculate 

Power Automate
Power Automate

Your business scenario definitely seems doable. Without having a lot of detail on your implementation, it looks like you need help with calculations using Flow. So here are a few articles to help you. 


If you need additional help, please also share a screenshot, and maybe repro steps, showing us what you are doing so we can target the answer to the part of the solution where you need help.


Thank you,



P.S. If the hyperlinks in this post helped you with your calculations, please mark it as a solution so others will benefit as well.

Thanks for your input the two links are not working, I want to use Form with user input of money in and money out, then transfer them to the list, the issue is can work the calculation to be at the same time the user add the information. 


this is how we are using it with G-suit ( Excel and forms) 


This is for Cash payment

1-An Amount is being added to branch by Manager (only once)  Ex: $1000

2- There is Funds in ,Funds out  and Balance

3-If funds in added by staff it should be calculated as + in the total for Ex staff added $100 total will be $1100

4-Fund out added by staff is $50 it should be - the total which will be $1050


The formula I used before in excel sheet :

=if(A2="", "",I2+E3-F3) If cell A2 is empty I2(Total) +E3 (Funds in) - F3 (Funds out ) 

Manually added F2=$1000


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