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Helper I

Using Initialized Array to filter against another custom array

My Flow intends to scrape 3 Master Plans every 15 minutes.


The aim is to transfer all the data from these 3 Plans onto a Master Excel table, where a 2nd Flow (yes, I will need help with that one too) will read the table, find the Planner Card information (title, due date, etc) and create a duplicate copy in every Sub-Plan.


We have 1 Sub-Plan for every account. There are ~100 Sub Plans.


I have successfully created a Flow which can read ONE of the Master Plans and update the table accordingly.


Next, I need to integrate the other 2 Master Plans into this table. 


In my head, I can simply make 2 copies of the logic that works for my ONE Flow. 


Though, I am having a hard time using the Filter results of my 3x Appended Array Variable.







...and these sections seem to append to my array fine. I think my issue is that this array does not have all the same extra fields as the straight-up Filter Body results.


The error happens here:






ALSO, my filter clearly filters out 0 results here, when there are about 50 entries in the table that it should be filtering against.


Please let me know if you have any ideas.





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