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Using either Microsoft Flow or Dynamics 365 to send emails into Microsoft Teams and allows you to reply within Microsoft Teams

Hello Community, 


I am currently trying to find out if it is possible to reply to an email within Microsoft Teams that is sent to a Team Channel email address? Also, is there is way to structure the "Email Messages" folder in the team channel based on the emails coming in? 


I have gotten luck with triggers on certain emails that are sent to my outlook to go into Microsoft Team cahnnel, but nothing with replying within Teams and setting up a structure within the deault "Email Messages". 



Thank you,




Super User
Super User


Hi there!  So...walk me through a couple of things:

  • An email comes into your Outlook, and if it passes certain criteria, it is automatically forwarded to a Teams Channel?  (So far, so good?)
  • You want the email to show as an interactive post inside Teams, and when people interact with it, do you want an email to go back to the original email-From-person? Or to you?  Or stay in Teams?

I'm imagining that you want the Team to interact with the email through Teams, but the original email person won't be a part of the Team, so they'll interact via email, correct?  If that's the case, I'd lean more towards Flow than D365 and I might sketch it out like this:

  1. Set the Trigger for when a new eMail arrives, and build your filter/condition inside Flow instead (or, have Outlook automatically Flag the email, and then use that as your Trigger to minimize runs).
  2. Have Flow create an adaptive card (lots of cool blogs out on this) to form the email info into that, and leaves room for a text field (for someone to reply).
  3. Flow posts that adaptive card to the Teams Channel and users can respond.

I think because you are posting straight from Outlook to Teams, you'll still have easy access to the original sender's email.  If you have to set it up so you are forwarding to the Teams Channel email, then that gets buried and the email will look like it came from you...with me?


Let me know what you think of the approach, and we can course-correct if needed.





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@edgonzales Thank you for your input and responding. 


Yes, currently I have a trigger set up where Outlook flags an incoming email from X,Y,Z customer. Outlook then forwards that email to our Team channel, however, we have to respond via outside of Teams. From your input, that adaptive card might be the solution to our problem. It would be beneficial for the email to come in, the whole Team sees it and can just respond right there and then we have a history of it within Teams. 


Basically, we are trying to make this our new customer support system. Currently, our team members get individual emails from the field and forward and copy other team members onto that email thread. It would be nice to just have the Team channel email show what the problem is and then the team member with the most knowleedge can just respond right there. If that makes sense? 


- For the mean time I will try out that adaptive card. 


Thank you ,



Solomon Knight

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