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Using the 'x-ms-mail-application' email header, identify the flow that sent a particular email

We have occasional situations where a user might receive an automated email sent by a Power Automate cloud flow. However, time has gone by and they need to contact the flow owner so that they can recommend some changes.


Since we are using Exchange Online and mandating use of the Office 365 Outlook connector to send email, we know (from this doc: that the "x-ms-mail-application" header will be attached to the email message and will have a workflow identifier. However, this ID is a hex value and we are unable to correlate that to the GUID flow ID by using powershell cmdlets such as "Get-AdminFlow -FlowName <workflowID>".


Does anyone know of a way to correlate the workflow hex value found in the mail header, with an actual flow ID that we can query in Power Platform??

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For example, I created a test flow to send me an email.  Here is an excerpt of the received message headers...

x-ms-mail-application: Microsoft Power Automate; User-Agent:
 azure-logic-apps/1.0 (workflow 8c4dcde469d34838b5dfc40a6b80c5ff; version
 08585868315292362315) microsoft-flow/1.0


The mail header above shows a workflow identifier of "8c4dcde469d34838b5dfc40a6b80c5ff".

The actual flow Name/ID is a GUID value of "7f07b36d-4473-4a17-8507-66048e3f2e55".

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I am having the same problem...
I was wondering if there is another way to check.

Have you found a solution to this?
I have a similar/related topic.

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Hi. @FloEnd 

No, I haven't found a better way yet.

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No luck so far

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When I verified this a few days ago, it had been improved to be controlled by Power Automate's Flow ID!



My apologies. My answer was about the case of limiting by transport rules.

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