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WebHook getting timeout

Hi Team,

I created a MS Flow with Webhook in it such that it waits for a long running process to be completed which then invokes the call back url genrated by the Webhook so taht the MS Flow can continue from where it was stopped or went to wait.

But here my WebHook action step in MS flow itself is getting timed out after 11 Mins.
I tried to put the tieout parameter int he settings but still no use it(i.e. The Webhook actions tep) gets timed out after 11mins?

Can you pelase help  me to resolve this issue? Please let me know if you want addtional details from my end.

Thanks in Advnace



Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

We have created pour flow almost on the same lines as the blog as we can see  in the blog they have divided their flow int two parts 1st part executed the Web Hook which in turn executes another flow through trigger HTTP which posts back the callback url that was passed to it as  a result of post the execution of  the 1st flow resumes and execution completes, now coming to our case we have done all of this as part of one flow it self, please find below steps of the flow that we have done:
1. An action is performed which triggers the flow, the triggering point of flow(1st step of flow)
2. On other side, I have created a custom API which needs a callback URI as a parameter and posts the callback uri received,  if certain condition is met and this is hosted on AZURE
3. Now coming back to the flow the next step is we are queuing a build in azure dev ops. This is second action step in the flow(2nd step of flow)
4. Created 3rd action step in flow of Webhook with POST method which call’s the API that i created in POINT #2 hosted in azure with parameter as the callback uri that is generated in this action step(3rd step of flow)
5. Send email to respective stakeholders(4th action step in flow)

Now, the flow is triggered a s required and the api is called with the callback uri successfully and the API posts the callback uri back if the condition is met but, sometimes the condition which i am checking in the api takes time to be met so I assume that the flow should be kind of sleep mode or waiting mode till the posting of the callback uri happens but in my case if the posting back of call back URI does not happen before 11 Mins the flow fails with an exception of Timeout which ideally should wait as it is a webhook.
So can you let us know why is it the case or what i am i doing wrong? Should there be 2 flows to handle posting of callback uri as shown in blog or it can be handled in one 1 flow as I am trying to achieve as explained above?

Thanks in Advance




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