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What happens to the flow if flow owner leave the organisation and the flow has been shared with service account(Co-owner)

Hi  All,


I have created many flows ,so i become the creator and owner of the flows.

And all my flows are shared with Service account(Co-owner) and all the connections used in the flow are running on service account.

What if my account is disabled or i move out of the organisation. Is there any effect on flows since i am the creator of flow.






Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @RaviM ,

Your Flow will continue to run as long as it is a Team flow and shared with that service account. Good practice sharing with a service account! I do the same.




Please accept this as a solution if this was helpful to you and solved your issue.

Anyone from Microsoft team please comment,

Hello @RaviM 


Flows which were created by a deleted/disabled user will get removed even if they have enabled co-owners. Please clone the flows with your service account before this happens.

Best regards,


CSS Support Engineer - Powerapps and Flow


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Wanted to provide update that this is by design, the tenant and/or environment admin can take over the flow and assign new owners. the flow won't be disabled. the flows will start failing if the user credentials become invalid, which happen when the user is disabled in AAD or the tenant admin revokes their sessions.

FYI, in the flow, all the actions are running on the co-owner credentials( service account) who is not a creator of the flow, I am asking if the creator(XYZ user) account gets disabled or deleted is there any impact on the flow

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