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What tutorials / documentation would you like to see?

Hello all,


As you know we have documentation / tutorials here: -- however we would like to add some more tutorials and documents to help you learn how to use the product more. Please respond to this thread with what other articles you'd like to see from us!




New Member

Hi Stephen,


It would be great to see docs on how to do parsing in Flow, ie. in the email body or more generally on input fields.




Super User
Super User

How to use the following with SharePoint List Items with examples:


Do Until

Apply to Each



Use Cases -

Simple Linear Flow - Would love to see a best practice example on how approve items in a SharePoint list that require 2 or more reviewers and sends out daily or weekly reminders to approvers that they need to look every item assigned to them that have not be given a disposition.   The flow should also send out an email telling the next person in line that they have a new item to review once the item moves on in that flow.  Finally, should notify the person that set up initial request as list item moves through the flow.


State Flow - Similar to above but would like to see how to set up a flow that lets you pass around an item in a SharePoint list to N number of people until the status of the item is changed... similar to a State workflow idea...  no set number of reviewers, rather review is based upon the state (value in a column in a SP List) associated with the value of the state field within an item in a SP list.  Example should support at least 3 states - for example - Under Review, Approved, Published....

Which blocks allows to use WDL expressions (i.e. can we manipulate strings via WDL expressions in Compose Block?)




Not applicable

i would like to see some advanced approval flows with sharepotnt, since its the most important business scenario.


i need to know how can i do multiple levels of approvals with a complete business scenario, that would be really helpfull.

Frequent Visitor

Hello, I need to know what information i have to put in the parameter when I go to send a picture to SharePoint, I know that I have to use two parameter (fileName and fileContent) but I do not know how I can gets dynamically the name of the file upload through the component and if I have to includ the extension for example .jpg. On the other hand I do not kwon what I have to put in the parameter fileContent, can you help me?



It would be nice to be able to browse triggers and actions for each service from the Services page. For example, when I click on SharePoint service, I currently see a list of templates associated with that service. I would also like to see a table with a list of triggers and a list of actions. It would help when planning to see if a given scenario is even possible.

Examples of use with Sharepoint Document libraries, in particular reading and writing to Metadata columns and branching the flow based on values from the Metadata.


An example: We have a Doc library with Contracts and one of the columns has an expiry date for the Contract, we would like the Flow to "move" the Contract file to another Doc library when current date > expiry date.


It would also be great if we can use the Metadata to build the filename.

Advocate I
Advocate I

  • Odata queries, with examples.
  • Working with multiple item data sets (ie sharepoint get items). Ie. how can i get item count?
  • Inline functions - you can see they exists in advanced condition mode.
  • Creating my own variables - so far i found i can use compose, but guess i'm missing a lot of graph capabilities.
New Member

I would like to see a good run through of how to use the to and from Excel service. The service is not intuitive for business users with the requirement that the sheet is formatted as a table, how to connect to the table and how to get the service to bring up different fields as options for the incoming data.


Same as above, when searching for a service a break down of possible actions on the service instead of a huge list of templates.


Ability to filter templates by 2 services would be nice as well.

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