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When File is Created trigger is triggering multiple times for same file

I have an automation that uses the "When file is created in OneDrive" trigger. It has been working beautifully for several months, but then suddenly a few weeks ago, it started triggering multiple times on the same file - at the exact same time. 




This happened shortly after I made a change in the flow, so it was assumed that change was the cause of the new behavior, so I stripped out the new logic, but the behavior has persisted (although inconsistently).


Why would a flow trigger more than once if a file can only be created once? 


NOTE: I'm hesitant to add a concurrency control to this flow since it's processing invoices as they are received, and there are multiple approvals involved for each. Adding a concurrency control will bottleneck this that other new invoices cannot be processed until the first one is complete (which can sometimes be hours depending on availability of approvers).

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @MegaM00GLE 

do u had any copy of same flow within that environment ?

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Not that are active. I have an older version of the flow which has been disabled after I went through and made changes to make it run more efficiently. That old version has been disabled for close to a year now. 


And as you can see from the screenshot, the one flow I'm looking at is being triggered 6x at the exact same timestamp with only two files that were created in that folder. So that means each file somehow triggered the flow 3x. 

Resolver I
Resolver I


try export the flow and then re-import to see if it works.


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