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When I creae a flow using a Microsoft Form do I have to give amyone permissions to use my Flow in order for it to work?

Hey guys, I have a flow that is triggered by a MS form and it works just fine for me.
The form is on a Business Site within our tenant and it uses the users credentials to log in.
I have created the form and it works just fine for me but others who use it, it doesn't work.
So I looked at the error and I am wondering if this is the issue.


1st - I want to make sure that I wouldn't have to share my form somehow in order for them to use it, correct?

2nd, The error points out ot me that their email address is not aligned with the tenant.

Please let me explain. A year ago, their business was taken over by "New Company" let's say and my email ID is and OPID log in is tied with the tentant's  new domain, "New Company So it's like however in the error I am seeing that the lady testing the form has the old email despite being able to log on to the site in the tenant.  Her email tied in to her is" and it errored out the flow. It did not work,. Odd thing because I email I get from her on Outlook is

Now is  this issue because I didn't add permissions for them to use the form or something, or this is totally an "Exchange issue"?


Thanks again everyone!!



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