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When Sending Emails with Dynamic Content in Power Automate Messages are Blocked by Spam Filters

I have created a set of 4 flows that together automate a 4-hour task for my job. For my job, we do lunch & learn presentations which we start by having each attendee fill out a Microsoft Form. Eventually, a PDF is automatically emailed to each individual based on those individuals' responses. The 4 flows work together and do the job perfectly (as of right now) with only 1 catch.

In testing, we found that unless every contact in the form puts me on their 'safe sender' email list, the emails automatically sent in my flows ALWAYS go to spam. I've tried figuring this out for days and can't make much progress. 

The only 2 options I could think of were:
. . . a macro going off on my work laptop at a certain time during my lunch break every day.
-This is a garbage idea and I know there has to be another way.
. . . getting the source code for my flows and putting it all into a compiler so I can make my own program rather than using Microsoft's platform and MAYBE that would bypass the spam filter

Have any of you guys/gals run into this problem? If so, how did you get around that stinking spam filter?

Here are the actual blocks I'm using for my 4 flows:

Flow 1/4 - Takes responses from a Microsoft Form and sends them to a spreadsheet and at the same time creates a new contact in our customer database

Flow 2/4 - Sends an Email with the basic info needed to create a PDF certificate for attending the lunch & learn. It's sent to someone who sends me PDFs in reply, but only if my Spreadsheet was updated the previous day from a form response (flow 1/4)









Flow 3/4 - This flow is really simple, it just saves any attachments sent in reply to flow 2


Flow 4/4 - This flow takes the PDFs saved in flow 3, and sends a personalized email for each meeting attendee with their specific PDF attached. This is where the problem is, I don't want these emails going to the spam folder.













Super User
Super User

@JarredLUHABuild You are absolutely correct about this issue, even user mark your email as safe sender the email will be sent to junk folder only and i have reached on this conclusion after multiple testing. So i have one fix for that , if possible ask your user to send one reply on same mail and next onward they will receive auto generated mail in there inbox only.


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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I see one red flag that will alert many spam filters. You are sending your e-mail as High Priority. Have you tried sending the messages with Normal priority?


I replied to your post only because I looked through your entire process and visited the website in the e-mail you are sending, and it looked legitimate. Your headline "How do I Beat the Spam Filter..." seemed like you might be a spammer. Might I suggest you change the heading of your post to "When Sending Emails with Dynamic Content in Power Automate Messages are Blocked by Spam Filters," which makes it sound less like you are spamming people.

Haha I didn't really think about that, I do have good intentions here, I'm not a spammer so I will change the headline. 

I tried changing the priority to normal and the same issue pops up.

@JarredLUHABuild please try to use as i suggest.

Unfortunately, it's not really an option for my company. Each person will likely only be auto-emailed once, maybe twice. So it's not really worth it to have them reply. I will try your idea out in testing to see if it works, however.

@JarredLUHABuild it will work i have tested it out

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