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Helper I
Helper I

When item is created -Multiple flow triggered

In my sharepoint list have 3 calculated column ,i am not able to use these column in powerapps .To do so created one flow to update these column values in normal column.Created Flow"When item is created or Modified"Created Flow"When item is created or Modified"Configure sharepoint ListConfigure sharepoint ListThese are the columnsThese are the columnsFlow runhistory ...Nonoe of row is succeed after long timeFlow runhistory ...Nonoe of row is succeed after long time


can anyone suggest how to update sharepoint calculated columns values in normal columns. Above flow is taking long time to finish

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @007James_Bond , when your flow is triggered on item creation or update and it makes an update to the item that triggered the flow, it may start a never-ending loop. That's because the flow doesn't distinguish between changes done directly by a user and changes made by the flow with a user's permissions. SO the changes made by the flow continue to trigger more instances of the flow.


There are a few workarounds to solve this problem, but a couple of months back the Power Automate team released a new feature/action to handle such issues. After the trigger, you can use 'Get changes for an item or a file (properties only)' followed by a condition to check if the calculated values have been updated. Then put your update action inside the 'If no' block (see image below). Thus you can avoid triggering the flow when the calculated  values have changed.




Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi @bibhupanigrahi ,


Thanks for responding.


I have tried your approach, had some error like version or since and until  resolved some issue doing googling.


but some cant be able to resolve.

Latest error.png


Please share your thoughts about Since and can we use properly 


Just quick remind-"My problem statement is :I have 3 calculated columns and want to copy only these 3 columns value into normal sharepoint list so that it can be reusable in powerapps"


Please suggest.

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @007James_Bond , you need use the 'Trigger Window Start Token' in 'Since' and 'Trigger Window End Token' in 'Until'. You get these 2 dynamic values from the 'Get changes for an item or a file' action. Another pre-requisite is versioning must be enabled on the source list or library.



Makes sence now thanks

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