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Where to begin - Connecting SharePoint Lists

Hello all,



I have build a PowerAutomate flow where users fill out a MS Form to indicate which team they need to support with their projects.

  • For example, for Project Manager indicates the following: BU 1; No;       BU 2: Yes,         BU 3: No,          BU 4: Yes.

In PowerAutomate I created 4 conditions to check for each BU if Yes is indicated. If it has not the process ends. If it has the process continues to send an email to the BU contact person with a standard template requesting a workstream leader from their BU.


The email templates to all 4 BUs are the same, the difference is the contact person of each BU.




Managing 4 conditions is fine, however we will be branching out to 20+ BUs and then it become unmanageable.



I would like to build a simplified process where the BU contacts are listen in a SharePoint list (so maintaining the contact list is easier then having to put each email address in the To of the email) and having 1 Send an Email step (instead of 20+), so if I want to change the template I do not have to change 20+, but just 1.



At the moment, I do not know where to start to learn how to build such a flow. I was hoping one of you could tell me where I should start with my search. Like, which apps would i need to realise should a process?


Any support, would be very much appreciated.




Newbie looking for a simplified process

Super User
Super User


I'll be glad to provide an example.  Are you getting the BU from the user profile of are they selecting a BU in forms?  If you are using the user profile, what property?

If you provide that info, I'll provide and example.



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Hi @ScottShearer ,


In the Form I have a Likert question, where the user can select Yes or No for each BU.






So a user can select more than 1 BU?

Does a single email got out to all or is there a separate email going to each BU?


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The user can select multiple BUs.

And we send each BU an email, but the email content is the same, except for the greeting - Hi Mike for BU 1 or Hi Steve for BU 2

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