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Why do I use "Get email (V2)" after a mail trigger?

I'm learning by opening up the pre-build templates and try to look, what's going on 🙂


One thing I didn't understand is when there is a trigger, e.g. "When an email is flagged (V3)", then a "Get email (V2)" is coming right after. Why is that? Don't we have all the information to work with in the trigger ("When an email is flagged...")?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage



The response object parameters differ from action to action and will not be the same, for information related to the trigger/actions their input parameters and response objects I suggest you to check the connector documentation. 


For the above mentioned scenario I am attaching the office 365 outlook connector documentation here Office 365 Outlook - Connectors | Microsoft Docs


You can check documentation related to any connector by clicking on connectors --> enter connector name in search --> select connector and you will be able to see an option to navigate to document page.



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