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Why does my Flow continue to fail? Stopping at 100 Records despite increasing size in Get Items property?

Hello, I was hoping the community could help me some a frustrating issue.


I have a SharePoint list of items that have a "Days Past Due Date" column, which is a calculated column. When the number in that column is 7 (for 7 days), I wanted to setup a Flow to send an email to a leader. I setup the Flow successfully, however, every attempt, the Flow stops at 100 records after Get Items. I have about 450 items in the List. I tried to increase the maximum number of records in the settings of the Get Items action, but that did not do anything.

Below are screenshots of how my Flow is structured.test results, failing to pull all 450 recordstest results, failing to pull all 450 recordsflow structureflow structureGet Items settingGet Items setting


Yes it was. My filter array in advanced mode looks like this:

@equals(item()?['Days_x0020_Past_x0020_Target_x00'], 7)

Hello @ninos-shiba 

Thank you for your reply. It was not what I asked for 🙂

In your flow run, the run result, open it up and check the Get items output - if it is a link saying "Click to download", click it and look for the column and check the value!

Flow.Get items.Check output for value 7.jpg

Look for the column "Days_x0020_Past_x0020_Target_x00" and check that it has the value 7 or something else ??

Edit: take a screenshot of any value that the column has, just to let us see how it looks like! 🙂

Kind regards, John

I see, I think we're onto something.


So I see that only 100 records exactly are being pulled in, despite me increasing the limit to 1000 (my list has 500 records).

The calculated column is also returning values in this format:


I don't know if that's a problem or not, because I'm guessing at some point in time, it will be an exact 7.000 days.

Why is it still only fetching 100 records? 

Hello @ninos-shiba 

Thank you for the reply - it clearly shows that your column will not really have a value of 7 exactly as it contains decimals.

You have to make your column value an integer value, so it can be compared with 7.


In the Filter Array action, replace the dynamic property "Days Past Target..." with an expression


The above should point to that column and make it into an integer!


To investigate the 100 items limit, - how is the column calculated?

Kind regards, John

Hello @ninos-shiba 

Thank you for the information.

As you can't use the calculated column in the Filter Query field in the Get items action, I will suggest that you instead use the Target Resolve column, like this:

Target Resolve gt 'startOfDay(addDays(utcnow(),-7))' and Target Resolve lt 'startOfDay(addDays(utcnow(),-6))'

You have to use the internal name for Target Resolve and the expressions you have to enter yourself in the expression editor. Remember that the single quotes must be there!

If the above works, then the Filter Array action is not needed.

Kind regards, John

@JohnAageAnderse , where am I writing that formula, in the Flow's Filter query in the Get Items action or in my calculated column in my SharePoint list?

Hello @ninos-shiba 

In the Filter Query field in your Get item action 👍

Kind regards, John

So I have this in my Filter query:

Status eq 'Assigned' or Status eq 'In Progress' or Status eq 'Resolution Review' and TargetResolve gt '2020-08-19T00:00:00.0000000Z' and TargetResolve lt '2020-08-20T00:00:00.0000000Z'


However, looked at the output and I still see cases like this:


And it only pulled in 98 items but I have 500+ in my list....

Hello @ninos-shiba 

Thank you for the reply. I forgot about you existing conditions in the Filter Query field 😁 probably due to me writing on my mobile phone.

Anyway, please add brackets around you OR conditons, before the first AND operator. Something like:

(Status eq 'Assigned' or Status eq 'In Progress' or Status eq 'Resolution Review') and TargetResolve gt '2020-08-19T00:00:00.0000000Z' and TargetResolve lt '2020-08-20T00:00:00.0000000Z'


Looking at the above dates from your resulting Filter Query you may have to use -8 and -7 respectively to get those with a TargetResolve 7 days past! The one I suggested gives 6 days past 🤗

Kind regards, John

Now it's evaluating fast but I don't see any ouput.


Hello @ninos-shiba 

That nothing is retrieved in the get items action is fine. Now you need to test it!


In your list, look for an item having X number of days past today. Then update your Filter Query field so that the item is included, use X-1 and X+1 instead of 8 and 7. Hope you get my meaning.

Kind regards, John

So as of today (8/28), there is 1 item in my SharePoint list which is showing 7 in my Days Past Target Resolve column in my list. 

Looking at the filter query, 

(Status eq 'Assigned' or Status eq 'In Progress' or Status eq 'Resolution Review') and TargetResolve gt '2020-08-20T00:00:00.0000000Z' and TargetResolve lt '2020-08-21T00:00:00.0000000Z'


It should have pulled it in but when the Flow ran this morning, I am still getting an empty output. 😕

Hello @ninos-shiba 

That item with 7 in Days Past Target Resolve - what is the value in Target Resolve?

Edit: ... and what is the Status of the item?

Kind regards, John

Some interesting finds:



So what I see just looking at my list at first glance are rounded values (i.e., the 7). However, when I filtered the Days Past Target Resolve column, they were all decimal numbers (i.e., the 7.3xxxx) numbers at the top.

We have a Power BI report connected to this list which is how I knew that this specific item #787 was 7 days overdue. The Target Resolve is 8/21/2020. It is in the Assigned status. 

Hello @ninos-shiba 

Well, the item Target Resolve date of 8/21/2020 falls outside the condition in the Filter Query field!

As your calculated column shows that it should have been included, then you need to correct the Filter Query field, so that instead of using the -7 and -6, like this:
... TargetResolve ge 'startOfDay(addDays(utcnow(),-6))' and TargetResolve lt 'startOfDay(addDays(utcnow(),-5))'

Note that I also corrected the first operator from "gt" to "ge" (greater or equal) - my fault 🙂


Out of curiosity, what is the value of TodayDate that you use in the calculated column formula?

Kind regards, John

Hi @JohnAageAnderse , I'll give that a shot.


My TodayDate column has a Flow that runs every day and updates that column with today's date. The reason it's there is prior, I was running into an issue where calculated columns utilizing the Today() function would not update unless the row/item got updated.

So my Filter Query now reads:


(Status eq 'Assigned' or Status eq 'In Progress' or Status eq 'Resolution Review') and TargetResolve ge '@{startOfDay(addDays(utcNow(),-6))}' and TargetResolve lt '@{startOfDay(addDays(utcNow(),-5))}'

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