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Why doesn't my filter work for Lists Tasks

I'm trying to filter the tasks returned by a project based on certain criteria. Initially I wanted to test it out with a custom field, but that didn't work so I tried just using the Id but it still doesn't seem to work.


So when I do a regular Lists tasks with no filter, I get a bunch of tasks and one of them has the Id: "92510c60-2e20-ea11-8302-7c050708edd3"




But when I do a filter where I only want to return tasks that have that Id, I get nothing.



I tried changing the syntax of my filter but then it complained so I'm guessing the one I'm using now is correct? Does anybody know why this wouldn't work?

Community Champion
Community Champion

HI @Mgodby 


Just to be sure. When you insert that ID in the "Project ID" in the Get Tasks actions you get nothing correct?


2020-01-03 18_06_39-Create your flow _ Power Automate.png


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No I just get an error saying that the project doesn't exist. But that Id is for a task, not for a project. My main issue is how when I add no filter to "Get tasks" I get results and one of the tasks has the Id: "92510c60-2e20-ea11-8302-7c050708edd3".


So then I try to do a filter with "Get tasks" saying I only want tasks that have that Id but it doesn't work. Even when I try values that aren't meant to be unique it fails. 


A lot of the returned tasks have value for "ActualOvertimeWorkTimeSpan".


But when I try to filter on it, I still get  nothing back.


My main issue is how my filters don't work. When I add no filter I get all the tasks returned for that project, but the moment I use a filter I get nothing back.

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