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Working with several csv and just keep duplicates



I already get content of 1 file, but is it possible to make a flow about the three last files of a folder? I can choose a static file, but i don t know if a flow can choose dynamically.


Everyday i have a new csv file, and i have to compare with two last days csv, and extract duplicates between the three files.


If possible, i appreciate to automate it 😉

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Hi @thelastredwolf . I can imagine how it works. 

Get files, to get the list of files and then filter to have just 3.

Then make array from each of them.

And then there should be 


And then the same between the new array and the third.

Can you paste an example of CSV here if you need more support 


Hello 900cut, thanks a lot for your message.

It is not really by get files, but when a new file is added in a specific folder. (end users just put the raw csv into this folder)

How do you filter by 3 most recent files?

I have got a poblem when i split my array.


csv exemple:


But after slip it becomes:


What s wrong? 😕

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Hello @thelastredwolf . Could you please put @ and then the name you want to ask? I accidentally found out you asked me something.

There is a way to parse CSV. I learnt it here

And it worked fine in my case. Can you please try?
If you need further support on this, please let me know. And if you get some screenshots it would be easier to support.

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