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New Member

You broke my flow

My flow and my Sharepoint list were working for months. Now my flow stopped working.

Almost every field gives me an error, "'Field' is no longer present in the operation schema. It should be removed before the workflow is re-saved.


Again, my Sharepoint list hasn't change and I've verified all the fields are there as before.


You broke it. Please fix it.

New Member

"status": 400,
"message": "The passed-in field \"OwnerName\" could not be found\r\nclientRequestId: b9647256-1bdd-4010-b84c-b78bf60e3bb1\r\nserviceRequestId: b9647256-1bdd-4010-b84c-b78bf60e3bb1"
But OwnerName is in the Sharepoint list.
New Member

I am having the same issue.  Flow was working for months with no issues and has not changed.  On Friday I started receiving errors that fields are not present in the 'operation schema'.

Hi @spatters71,


The issue may be caused by the connection is expired, authorization credentials need to be recertified.

You could have a try to create a new connection, then save it, run it again.Annotation 2019-10-21 141716.png

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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Nope. Tried a new connection. Same thing. Somehow y'all broke the Sharepoint connector.


Even in powerapps some fields of my Sharepoint list aren't being recognized anymore. Yet, in Sharepoint, there they are. 


Somebody should really investigate this. I'm very disappointed with this platform. Existing, working things should not break. Ever. Is there even any support out there?

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @spatters71 , who is "You" when you say "You broke it."
As member of the Microsoft Flow Community it's like all of us broke your Flow, but I'm sure I haven't touched it.

Maybe you should raise a support ticket at MS?


Kind regards,


Thanks. How do I do that?
New Member


Same issue since this week.

"'Field' is no longer present in the operation schema


When i create a new flow, this field is not there anymore..

But it exist in the SharePoint list..


Whats going on?

I'm dealing with the same issue as well on a flow I created today.

New Member

Can you test again by making sure all the columns you are using in the Flow action are included in the default view in the list?

@Maurits Allow me to help you as I have a gargantuan, galaxy-sized brain. I think what this person might mean by "you"...bear with Microsoft. Given that they are the ones who make Power Automate / Flow / whatever it is going to be renamed to in a few months.


Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Advocate III
Advocate III

I am seeing the exact same issue in a Flow I'm trying to modify right now. It happened when I picked a new List to create an item in in the "create item in list" connector for SharePoint. I had to completely delete that connector and rebuild it from scratch with screenshots. I have no idea why it behaved this way, and it should not be our place as users of Power Automate to fret over what is wrong. It is clearly something under the hood, possibly to do with the way these connectors and their data get serialized or something.

New Member

Hello MS community, I faced the same issue today. My flow is super simple which takes response from a form and stores it in an excel sheet. I created this a week ago and everything was working fine until today. I checked the form first, the connections and everything seemed okay but in the power automate it showed "Field no longer present in operation schema" error. I had to re do the flow from scratch. Please look into this matter as it's a major issue.


Thank you.

This did not correct the issue.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Is this thing on? I'm getting the exact same problem in another Flow over a year later. I can sit here and rebuilt the connector again just to get on with life, but this is ridiculous. At this point if I could more easily switch to a better product, I absolutely would. I lose hours of work to silly problems like this that never seem to get fixed. It's very frustrating. Users of your "no code" solution shouldn't have to worry this much about what a "schema" is.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Great. A few minutes after posting my last response to this thread, I got desperate and tried to duplicate the problem connector with clipboard, which worked, but then the Flow wouldn't even let me delete the old connector! So I got frustrated, backed out of the Flow editing without saving it, went back into it, and now the problem column just works. For literally no reason, seemingly. Good job. MS must not be really making any money on this. They sure don't act like they care.

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