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all my flows broke


I had several flows where it changes a sharepoint value. since last weekend all of these broke. The values that I normally fill in into flow are the mandatory sharepoint fields. but for some reason they are all gone right now. The flow still succeeds wich should not be possible since the mandatory sharepoint are not filled in the the update item step.

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Dual Super User

Hi @Anonymous,


Can you please make sure no changes were done to the SharePoint list schema such as no new fields added or existing fields removed? Also, the field you are populating from the flow, were there any changes in the default value of the field.


Also, can you check the flow Run History to see when it stopped placing value into the specific SharePoint list field. It can help you to figure if there were any changes made to the flow or SP list on any specific day.


Please share more details about the SP list and flow to further drill down the issue. 

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nothing has changed to the sharepoint. we didnt add or remove any fields.
What weird is that in sharepoint normally the field where it said no were red. But that also changed now default to white. Me and my colleague(only one who can change that list) did not change anything on the sharepoint list.

Flow still says the flows run succesfully altough that cant be since it doenst have all the mandatory fields.

Looks like the flow may be having some glitches with the list schema, where the field was not marked as mandatory.


Please see if you can give a try with following steps:

a. Take a back up of your current flow with Save As/Copy to have your copy.

b. In the original flow, remove the Update List Item action.

c. Save the flow and navigate out of the flow by clicking My Flows.

d. Edit your flow again. Now, add Update List Item action. 

e. This time, you will see all the fields properly including Required fields.

f. Now, include all your changes in the Update List Item action and save the flow & run it.


Please let me know if the above steps helps you.


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Yes that works fine because when we now add the mandatory fields again to the update sharepoint step in flow. the flow works fine and updates the mandatory fields. Only problem is we have like 30 flows that are broken now. So it is kinda weird that all of those broke. and not on the same way some update items have mandatory field 1 missing for example while others have 2 missing and others have 1,2 missing.

Hi @Anonymous, 

I agree. Its really painful to update more flows have such issue. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for this.


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