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Helper II

cannot update record in d365 finance

Received a message "an error has occurred. update not allowed for field 'FixedAssetGroupId'" when trying to update a record in d365. But the problem is this field is also mandatory so I can't leave it blank. How can I to get around this problem?Annotation 2020-02-20 095704.jpg



New Member

Dear Titiwai.

I have the same issue with Dynamics FnO flow components where update requires fields based on mandatory fields in the API, the update component makes them mandatory in the OpenApiConnection for the Flow.

I have been able to circumvent this issue by exporting the flow into a package (zip).
1. Unzip the file
2. Find the file definition.json in there

3. Reformat the JSON file, so it is somewhat legible

4. Find the flow segment you were editing, where spaces are replaced by _, so in your example: Update_a_record

5. Rewrite the method from OpenApiConnection to ApiConnection, Please find here an example from my context where I am stuck now:

"Expire_Employee": {
"runAfter": {},
"type": "OpenApiConnection",
"inputs": {
"host": {
"connectionName": "shared_dynamicsax",
"operationId": "PatchItem",
"apiId": "/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_dynamicsax"
"parameters": {
"dataset": "",
"table": "EmploymentDetails",
"id": "@{items('Employmentdetails')?['PersonnelNumber']},@{items('Employmentdetails')?['LegalEntityId']},@{items('Employmentdetails')?['EmploymentStartDate']},@{items('Employmentdetails')?['EmploymentEndDate']},@{items('Employmentdetails')?['ValidFrom']},@{items('Employmentdetails')?['ValidTo']}",
"item/PersonnelNumber": "@items('Employmentdetails')?['PersonnelNumber']",
"item/LegalEntityId": "@items('Employmentdetails')?['LegalEntityId']",
"item/EmploymentType": "@items('Employmentdetails')?['EmploymentType']",
"item/EmploymentEndDate": "@triggerOutputs()?['body/OData__EndDate']"
"authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"
To something like:
"Expire_Employee": {
"runAfter": {},
"metadata": {
"flowSystemMetadata": {
"swaggerOperationId": "PatchItem"
"type": "ApiConnection",
"inputs": {
"host": {
"connection": {
"name": "@parameters('$connections')['shared_dynamicsax']['connectionId']"
"api": {
"runtimeUrl": ""
"method": "patch",
"body": {
"TransitionDate": "@triggerOutputs()?['body/OData__EndDate']"
"path": "/datasets/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(''))}/tables/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent('EmploymentDetails'))}/items/@{encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(items('Employmentdetails')?['PersonnelNumber'],',',items('Employmentdetails')?['LegalEntityId'],',',items('Employmentdetails')?['EmploymentStartDate'],',',items('Employmentdetails')?['EmploymentEndDate'],',',items('Employmentdetails')?['ValidFrom'],',',items('Employmentdetails')?['ValidTo']))}",
"authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"
Please note that I have omitted the fields that I do not wish to update in the above.

6. Save the file
7. recreate the zip again, make sure the files are directly in the zip (same as what you downloaded), not in a subfolder
8. import the zip as a solution and update the flow you had.

I hope this helps you. I cannot use this anymore as I have added my flows to a solution so I can share clusters of items together but I can no longer upload my flows... and downloading is now missing the connections.

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