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combine 2 output au

Hi people


I have as first entry an excel with several tables where I have to get information and then put that data in a word but I find that when I get the data from a column where there are several fields (in my case I am only getting XX which is variable)



then I want to get the value that returns in the following way


If it meets the condition, change the number to text.

and I have this 10 times more for other types of code

then I want to be able to join the code 16 with the 14 to put it in the word




where is the Amount of Coverage(MontoCoberturas) field

and that this be variable depending on what comes in the excel


comes the code 15 -17 - 19 (cover 1) that only shows Life 500
and if it comes code 20-30-40 (coverage 2) and 50-90-80 (coverage 3) that only shows Dental 15UF; CAT. 600UF

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Super User

@Mario21  is this same dynamic content?


In that case it will make all condition output true.

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@Hardesh /


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yes is a same value

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