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created a new Form in a group - how do I access that Form in Flow?

I created a new Form in a group, but I don't see that Form in the dropdown list when I start my Flow with the "Microsoft Forms when a new response is submitted" trigger.

I realize that until recently, Forms were only created in the stand-alone Sharepoint Forms area, but now they can be created in Groups, which is great. But they should be accessible in Flow, just like any other Form.


For example, I created a Form called "Test Form 9-18-17" in my XYZ group. But "Test Form 9-18-17" is not showing in the dropdown list when I adde the "Microsoft Forms when a new response is submitted" trigger.


Ideas?  Is there support for this?


@RobElliott thanks for the suggestion, I've been trying that but getting very inconsistent behavior.

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So it works (funny how it "is not supported") might be better if it was in the drop down list. It was no good me changing my flow after I moved the Form. I had to start from scratch. One of the fields did not present itself as the field name rather an id code but as it was the only one I assumed it was phone number and was correct. I guess the test is will it work consistently as pointless if not. I will repost when i know more. Thanks to the contributer, a great work around that may well have other uses.

Why create a collaborative tool, only to then limit all the collaborative channels. Talk about majorly short-sighted, standard MS i guess. Always just missing the mark when it comes to their improvements. 


@tpalmer wrote:

Hi all - Forms created in Groups are not currently supported in the Forms connector, please add the suggestion to our ideas page so other users can vote on it as well! 


Thank you, I just got this to work as well.  Brilliant hack!

What share link are you using to get the id from? I have tried a couple and does not seem to be working. Cannot get the dynamic content to be visible in Flow. 

go to the view where you would fill it in. Copy everything after = it will start with an s. Go to flow, when you select form choose enter custom value. Paste in the id.

Works consistently for me

If you move the flow, do you need to restart from scratch? Everything sees to work except for the population of responses in the SharePoint ID fields. Only gives me a custom option. If custom is the only option, how do you form the string?


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Hi @Anonymous ,


Does this have already been supported in MS Flow? Is there a real guide what form id you need to put on the field?

I tried the solution on these posts but it didn't work. 


Wondering why this simple feature has not been included on the template. Looking forward for a positive and concrete solution.


@Anonymous when you say it doesn't work, what exactly do you mean? Can you give more info about what you are doing? Each Group form only has 1 ID and that needs to be pasted in to the When a new response is submitted action and Get response details action:

Los Gallardos
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Hi @RobElliott 


Initially, for some reason it didn't work. But it's already working now the same as your screenshot. I pasted the value after the = sign on the field.


I appreciate for checking this out.




Hi @RobElliott 

I wonder if you could help - I have tried what you and others have suggested, but with no success.

One thing I have noticed is that the trigger looks slightly different for me than what you have in your screenshots. There is no 'free text' field to enter the Form ID. I only have a dropdown (which, as expected, shows forms saved in my OneDrive) and a search box. I have tried entering the Form ID in the search box, but this doesn't work.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi @SamCS, you need to select Enter custom value from the bottom of the dropdown and paste in the Id of the group form as in the video below:




Los Gallardos
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Hi @RobElliott 

Thanks for responding so quickly and for the video.

Unfortunately, the option to 'Enter custom value' isn't available to me.

I did record a video showing me following the exact steps shown in yours, but I don't have permission to upload video 😔

The screenshot I posted above is what I see - there is one item in the dropdown list (a test form I saved in OneDrive) and nothing below it (I cut out the ID of the test form before posting, so it looks a bit odd, but that really is all I can see - no 'Enter custom value' and no scroll bar)

Oddly, I have found a workaround. If I create a new flow in Teams, I do have the 'Enter custom value' option. I have managed to create a flow that connects to a group form. I can then edit this flow successfully within the Power Automate.

I don't understand why there's a difference (and because of that I don't like it) but at least I have an option for now...

Thanks for your help,



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