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how to make multi-variable value?




I try more variable is not working


Screenshot 1


Later try add foreach


Screenshot 2


But its not work =/ ... look a result



problem lookup with key index, how to make key index?


Help-me... sry bad english!



Helper V
Helper V

seems I have the same error. Have you tried with another flow with the action but without Apply to each?

@Leo09 just one foreach not work (apply each)

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi there,

You can't have nested foreach loops. So you will need to think about how your data needs be before or after the loop.

If possible change your trigger to be singular (single object) and work through that way or parse the output using data operators parse JSON then run through a separate loop.

I hope this helps

@DionGoil Have you tried with Dynamics CRM + Oracle? if not know is not make response sorry. please before see tags

Sorry it is hard for me to tell exactly because I cant read the errors.


I haven't done this with Dynamics and Oracle, but I have done flows similar with CosmoDB and MSSQL and various CRM's


I don't have a setup I make a test flow to see with Dynamics and Oracle, however piecing together from the translation on stack overflow you may have an issue with creating records without a unqiue index ( I had this issue with CosmoDB) as it throws an error as the record already exists.


There is a function you can use to make a GUID in Data Operators - Compose "@guid()" - Needs double quotes


This will create a globally unique ID you can use to solve an issue with creating records non indexed tables where the data may be the same.







Oh i see compose, my flow is portuguese not available option compose =( ... how to change a language?


One question ur flow is premium?

I think the language is tied to your Microsoft Account, you would need to change it there.


I am not using premium, I thought Data Operations were standard I could be wrong however. They are based on Azure logic apps workflow definitions


This is what I get when I search for Data  Operations. Compose is one of these.




If it is not there hopefully one of the Microsoft team can answer how you would get this.


Nice, i found compose is translate wrong lol... fine



Result error:

  "status": 400,
  "message": "Invalid lookup_type value",
  "source": ""


Lookup fail... its problem INDEX GUID =(

The index may need to be an integer, depending on your table row configuration for index.


Try "@guid(N)" which will generate a number only string


As per


Then convert the string to an integer using "@int()" example "@int(@guid(N))"

Thanks a link is good tutorial


But generate oracle + dynamics crm to OData, its a problem and not know OData =( ... Try accountid is not work a different json




Look a example:


Something I haven't done yet but have seen this issue come up a few times with flow is the use of Odata ID's through the Microsoft Graph and Oauth.


Here's some reading:


I will be looking at this my self in the coming week.


Interessant! But Azure is premium and not used premium =(


Im learning about OData Azure


Thank a lot! I'll come back later to find out and answer.

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