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insert picture outlook body message

Hi, everybody


I make flow to send e-mail with a picture in its body. Could u please tell me where should I save this image to make it visible for message receives?

I saved it in OneDirve (public acess), but e-mail receiver still doesn't see it in a message



Alright I finally fixed it.  Thanks for your help

I don't have an option to select Is HTML.

How can I fix this?




The latest version of the Send an email connector (V2) does not include the "Is HTML" option.  In the current version, you click where I have indicated in the screen shot below to expose the HTML.  This also also you to enter and edit HTML directly in the email body.





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Thank you for your input.

This then means, that I was by default working with HTML, and that that is unfortunately not the key to solving my issue.


Any ideas how to solve the bellow?


A flow email, visible in Online Outlook:



A flow email, visible in Desktop Outlook:


Thank you!

It seems I was indeed by default in the HTML mode, but unfortunately this does seem to be a key to solving my problem.

The problem is that the embedded images are visible in the Online Outlook, but not in Desktop Outlook app.


Desktop app:




Solution on how to show embedded pictures from SharePoint in Outlook client:

  1. Create a blank email in the outlook client
  2. Insert & Link to insert a picture from SharePoint URL

  3. Now for every user who has done this the embedded pictures are visible in the client.


Unfortunately on random occasions (every 2 or three months) this step has to be repeated. I wrote a *.vbs script and put a link to it in the email with the picture. So if users do not see the picture they follow the link to the folder, click on the script and problem is gone.


I believe there are some registry settings for Outlook that get reset every now and then and could perhaps be set centrally. Would be happy to get feedback on this if someone finds the final solution.


Here my *.vbs to bugfix:





Create a file in editor with content below and call it "bugfix.vbs"

Only this line: newmail.attachments.add ("") needs to be modified with any dummy picture of your sharepoint library (have not tried with onedrive).



Dim ToAddress
Dim MessageSubject
Dim MessageBody
Dim MessageAttachment

Dim ol, ns, newMail

ToAddress = "" ' You can change this to your email address
MessageSubject = "Please check if file has been attached"
MessageBody = "You should now see the pictures send by the Gateway Tool, otherwise please contact"

Set ol = WScript.CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set ns = ol.getNamespace("MAPI")
ns.logon "","",true,false
Set newMail = ol.CreateItem(olMailItem)
newMail.Subject = MessageSubject
newMail.Body = MessageBody & vbCrLf
newmail.attachments.add ("")
WScript.Sleep 1000

Set ol = Nothing




Not applicable

I was having the same problem, solved opening the img hosted on sharepoint on a new tab (click in the img to preview, then left click > new tab, now entitled thumbnail) and copying the url link

Thanks @Anonymous 


Only solution that worked for me. Yes the, url is super long, but it works. 

Helo everybody ,

I found this blog, becasue of my problem how to embed Base64 coded images (HTML) do email body.

In the recieved email is HTML code totally missing...

I have opened the ticked on Microsoft - the answer is : maximum Base64 coded image size is 200 Kb.

So now I am in worries because all my custommers images are over 200 kb ...

How to get the embedded code for image URL? I am not able to get that "embed" option on my OneDrive or SharePoint.

Either use the SharePoint URL, which is more readable but a little bit to play around

best try it first with a picture that is NOT in a folder and path does NOT contain any spaces

For whatever evil reason some retard at Microsoft took the decision to make this much more complicated on SharePoint Online than before, where you just did a right click to copy the link and got a readable URL. With this Sharing-Nightmare implemented now - it cant get more comlicated.



or do it like @Anonymous suggested above (not tested by me)

I was having the same problem, solved opening the img hosted on sharepoint on a new tab (click in the img to preview, then left click > new tab, now entitled thumbnail) and copying the url link

New Member

To everyone else that is hosting on SharePoint do the following. Set flow to grab the file content using path > point it to your image > create new action to send email > enable html > in the body put <img src="name of your image with extension"> 

Example: <img src="test.jpg">

Now here is the key!


Add your file content as an attachment and give it attachment name that matches the call from html tag from the body. For example : test.jpg.


Make sure the image is not very large, you may need to size it down a bit.


Hope this helps.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hello everyone,


I had the same problem and solved it as follows:

I first used a OneDrive (for Business) action to get a link to the image from OneDrive (with connection type Direct.)

Then I could use that link in my mail as an image source:



Hope this can help you 🙂


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