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"File locked for shared use" error only when resubmitting failed flow


I'm having a bit of a frustrating issue with the beginning of one of my flows that runs off of a PowerApps connector.

In the beginning of my flow I need to "check out" a document in Sharepoint, and I have built the flow so that if it cannot checkout the file it tries a different backup file, then a second backup if that fails.

Beginning of flow. Check Out is problem actionBeginning of flow. Check Out is problem actionWhen this flow runs from PowerApps as intended this step runs totally fine every time, however occasionally I recieve requests from users who need me to manually resubmit the run prompted by their PowerApps request- this is where the trouble begins.


About 70% of the time I resubmit the flow the documents immedietly lock up giving the error that they are "locked for shared use" by me. I have done a lot of testing and before resubmitting the run the documents are not locked, and can check in and out just fine. However the moment I resubmit and the flow tries to check them out all 3 documents become locked (even if I try to manually check them out on the Sharepoint page).

30% of the time I resubmit they check out just fine.


This is incredibly frustrating and I would really appreciate if anyone has suggestions.

To fix I have tried:

-putting a delay after each failed attempt

-turning off the retry attempts in settings of "CheckOut"

-turning off asynchrous pattern in settings of "CheckOut"


Ex. of error :

"status": 400,
"message": "The file https://******************************/Template2.xlsx is locked for shared use by **me**@****.com [membership].\r\nclientRequestId: 642c478b-3294-4ccc-a9e6-2e2ba8ed46d3\r\nserviceRequestId: 642c478b-3294-4ccc-a9e6-2e2ba8ed46d3"


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @asoperRCO ,


When will the users ask you to resubmit the flow?


When testing this issue with the similar flow configuration, it is not reproduced by me.


For your scenario, do you want to check out the file first then do the following actions?


There is an action Check in file, could you try check in the file then check it out if the first Check out a file action failed?


I have set up a flow likes below for your reference.




Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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I went ahead and tried your suggestion about checking the file in (or discarding the checkout), but I am still getting the same error that the file is locked for shared use, and when it tries to check in it cannot because the file was not checked out. 


Yes I am attempting to check out a document, make changes to the document, copy the changes to a new file, then discard the check out so that the template goes back to its original state. The purpose of the flow is to create Excel documents with data supplied from PowerApps that are formatted exactly as the template.


Users ask me to resubmit the when their documents do not come out of the flow formatted correctly. An example of this was when changes were accidentally made to a template permanently, which then affected every document made after that until I reverted the changes to the template. I am now trying to re-run the flows that completed successfully with the faulty template. 

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