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Helper II
Helper II

"Report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity" using Power Automate(Power BI)

Hi Team,


I get the below error everytime on Power automate flow. Not sure on the issue. Kindy help 




Super User
Super User


To use this action, you need to have a Power BI Pro license with the Premium add-on to your Power BI license. The new Per User premium add-on does not allow you to use this action - you need the full Premium add-on. Then, the report needs to be in a workspace with the premium capacity turned on.



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Regular Visitor

Hello Scott, 

Thanks for this information.

So it means that Power Automate is unusable with Power Bi unless you have the full premium licence at 4000 € / months .... 🙂

Am I right ?

Best Regards, 


This is the biggest bull**bleep** I've ever seen Microsoft produce.

I've used free trial, but when I tested its still said "Error 403". Can you help me with this? Thank you so much.





New Member

Dear All,


I'm facing with the same problem. I have to ask why I can't use this option with Pro licence ? And if I can't use this kind of simple option, why do we pay and need  Pro Licence?

Does Microsoft think to change this licence problem ? 

can anyone say me, is there an any alternative for this ? Because I want to create full automate "Montly Report". But this error is really annoying. 


Same issue! Do you find any solution?

Hello Scott,


Do you need the $4995 per capacity/month plan or is the $20 per user/month sufficient to run Power Automate?


I want to send the Power BI pdf reports to users who may not necessarily have Power BI Pro license. 




New Member

You have to pay 4k / month to automate the "Export to PDF"?
Which is already available when you press the button on the PowerBI Page.


This feature should be available in any environment, what is the exact reason why you have to pay so much for this?


Regular Visitor


Currently, the only way to proceed is to use a combination of "paginated reports" and "Power automate", and that's what I do.


To do it, you'll need a PowerBi PPU Licence (around  8€ / month), in order to publish the paginated reports to the cloud, and a Power Automate licence (nearly the same price).

With these licences, you'll be able to automatically send PDF reports (generated by your paginated reports) to end users via email.


One interesting thing is that a PowerBi report can be seen as a Data Source for a paginated report.

It means that, in your case, you have two possibilities

1- Create your paginated report from scratch (using an SQL query for the Data Set)

2- Use your PowerBi report (already published) as Data Source for your paginated report.


Personnaly I use the first one, but it is up to you :-).

Currently I have around 10 different paginated reports managed with Power Automate and I can say that the service is very stable.


I hope this comment will help you,

Best Regards, 

Jérôme.. from France 🙂 


Hello All,


Thank you for your suggestions.


I have found a simple solution to this.


In Power BI Pro, you can add users to a subscription list in Power BI online. The users need to have Power BI Pro so that the mails can be sent. For users who do not Pro version, I have subscribed myself to the report and set an auto-forward rule in Outlook to send it to the group of people.





You are right and that's what I did at the beginning, but there are limitations with this method (using only PowerBi)

For exemple you cannot manage a "sending logic" of the email and its attachment.

-For exemple, I my case, I don t want to send an email with an empty attachement to end user if no data are retrieved by the query ( I don't want to "spam" there mail boxes 🙂 ) With Power Automate I can check If there are data or not and if I send the email or not (using a sort "If / Then / Else" logic) and also, depending on some criterias, to whom I send the email.

- As you said, end users will need to have Pro licence, which is not the case with Power Automate (they just need to have an email address)


Anyway, it is everyone who decides depending on needs 🙂






hi jerome


I appreciate the the hope you give, but I have PremPerUser for Power BI and the Automate licenses, and I still get the same error.


"Report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity"


My paginated (test) report runs fine interactive, but alas not in a power automate.


I am surprised yours works.





New Member

Hello @Ruben 🙂

I think that there s a way of doing what you want to do. it is not totally free but less expensive than 3000 pounds ;-).

Here is what could be your solution.

Let's assume that you have 100 customers and you want to send dedicated report (developped with Power Builder) to each of them using Power Automate :


Here is what could be the solution for you :

Prerequisites : On each page of the report (one page by customer), display also the destination email address

1- Generate the full PDF document (100 pages, one for each customer)

2- Use the component (Split PDF) developped by Aquaforest to split the 100 pages document into 100 documents of 1 page

3- For each of this file (loop), and still using Aquaforest component, you can read the zone where the destination address email is written (if you want to make it unreadable for human, you can play with colors) and store this value into a power automate variable.

4- Into the same loop, send your one page PDF to the correct customer using the adresse previously stored.


Personnaly, I use this methode and it works very well.

Nevertheless, your idea is very good also but could take time to be integrated by Microsoft 😉


Here is a screen shot of my flow (comments are in French..sorry), I hope it will help you 🙂

Best Regards, 





Hello Jérôme, 

just to get a better understanding. You have created two workflows in Power Automate. The first one is "create paginated report" and the other one is "send email". And you are doing everything with Power Automate? Because I am still getting the "Dedicated Capacity" error with the paginated report. 

Thank you in advance. 

Best regards


New Member

It is really disappointing that this is not available at the SME level. It is way to expensive for our business and we are already paying Microsoft a lot of money. The PBI/Automate community needs to keep the pressure on MS to make this service more broadly available.

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