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send an email notification says it works but doesn't actually send an email

I recently had to refactor some flows because not everyone that would use it had acess to exchange online, so I had to change the Outlook - Send email to the standard Send Email Notification v3 to guarantee that everyone gets the mail.


It should be a simple replacement task but when it came down to testing the flow it didn't actually send the emails even though it says it did.

I have 3 emails being sent with this connector and an approval in the middle. I only get an email from the Approval bit.


Has anyone experienced this?

Helper I
Helper I

Hi MangoMan09, 


you'll need to share a bit more data, if you can. 

the flow screenshot and the last the run status that you said finished with success 


usually when the flow is green it finished fine and did what it should. I use v3 send email and don't have any issues so lets start with more data on your speific case that can help troubleshoot this

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@rogrimbe sorry, I forgot to add those.

In the meantime I made a simpler version of the flow with only 1 variable and no approval, but in the end I had no luck.

It shows it ran successfuly but I don't receive the email.

Hi MangoMan09, 

thanks for the extra data, now I can see that you are using the SendGrid connector as the email notifications when you said change the outlook I failed to understand that so good thing you added that screenshot, 

I've just tested it and it is working fine for me. one var with my email and got the mail. 

below is the example mail received, did you double check the jank\spam? or maybe once got such emails and decided to unsubscribe? like the email says? (referring to 



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@rogrimbe thanks for the input. 


I tried sending to a couple other email addresses but I had no return emails again.


I checked all the email boxed and found nothing in them (spam, trash, etc). It's really strange that it worked once and never again. It's not even a complex flow to begin with...

I agree, its not.

and the fact that it is reaching the email and says it working is starnge. 

maybe stuck somewhere in the middle

Unfortuntly I can't be of any assistance here since I can't reproduce this.

maybe next step is to open an issue with Flow specific to this connector if you have no issue just sending an email to yourself with the other connectors like the outlook. 

Hi @Anonymous,


Have you checked the Junk Email? Maybe you've created a Flow before that when the Email with special subject arrives, delete it or move it to the Junk Email.

Have you tried to use another account to create this Flow? And how it runs?

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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@rogrimbe Outlook was working fine but the custumer im working for doesn't have an exchange online account for all of the users so we had to swap connectors.

@v-litu-msft and @rogrimbe I tried on a whole enviornment all together and spammed flow. I got all of the emails so there's some hidden throttling on the enviornment I'm developing.

Hi @Anonymous,


Have you tried recreating the SendGrid connection?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

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After some more testing I managed to get it working.


I went back to the outlook connector as that one was sending the messages just fine.


Then I changed the trigger from the PowerApps to running when a new row was added on the DB. This way they flow ran as intended and we don't have to worry about assigning more keys to the users later on.

Going to and reinstating my email address did the trick for me. Thanks for the pointer!

Helper I
Helper I



I have encountered the same problem. I have one recurrence flow that send an email notification (V3) to users (Outlook) every day. The flow was working fine previously until yesterday (19/6/2020). I check the status is "Succeeded" but the email was not received by the users. I tried adding my personal email into the recipient and did receive the notification. It seems that there's something not working as it is between flow and outlook and it's really frustrating.

Hi all, 


Encountered the same issue, can any of the experts guide me please?

It showed my flow ran successfully, but I did not receive any emails to my inbox. 😞Capture.JPG



Please expedite help, thank you much!



Same here.

My flows with v3 connector have been successfully sending emails until few weeks ago and now they act really strange. I have had 5 flows sending emails scheduled for today and only 1 of them I received. And all the flows have succeeded status.

Just for testing purpose I have created another simple instant manual flow having only send email notification v3 connector and tested it and it is not sending emails and again status is succeeded.

Checked on my email server and no spam filter or anything else there. Did this reinstating of my address on even though I never unsubscribed but that didn't help...

Does anyone knows what is going on and where to look for solution?

Hm. I have some progress here. It turns out that if I put some other email address in To: field and I was testing with one Gmail and one Hotmail account it works. And when I put my company email address it still does not receives emails from Is it possible that our domain or certain email addresses on our domain after some time and few received emails have somehow became blocked from receiving emails from this connector?

Once more, our spam filter is not blocking...

Helper I
Helper I

I switched to create a shared mailbox and use Officer365 Outlook connector to send the email instead.

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