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Chat Bot Not Reacting to Trigger Words

I have created a chat bot that runs in a tight, circular path. It stays with 2 topics about 99% of the time.


The issue is, it will no longer react to any trigger phrases. So, it won't go to topics like Greeting, End Conversation, etc...


What do I need to provide here that will make it possible for you guys to help me diagnose this issue?


My guess is that I am unknowingly skipping something that checks for trigger words in the background, but I have no idea what that might be.


Thanx in advance...


Frank D. Puthuff

Dell Technologies


I really appreciate how responsive you have been in this thread, I do think, though, that we are to the point of guessing and conjecture. I was very glad to at least be able to delete four of my unused topics. 

If no one else is able to specifically tell me what triggers an input to be checked against the list of trigger words, It may be time to ask Microsoft directly.

Again, thank you for your effort.

I will post here if MS is able to give me a workable solution that does not require the user to click on answer bubbles.

I'll try to explain one last time.  The problem is that you are locking the user into topics that have no keywords. You need to redirect them to a regular topic that is open ended.  Then the system will be open for keyword topics.  But in your case they are presented with the Base Question, which requires a specific non-keyword answer.  When they answer they are directed back to the Base Question.  Change your logic so they are directed back to a more generic topic that displays a message and waits for general input, rather than the Base question.

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