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General feature/documentation requests

I didn't see anywhere to post this specifically so I thought I'd do so here.  Just some general feedback for some documentation and feature requests based off of the last issue that we had:

-Document error codes - we had an error code 2001 that we didn't have any way of knowing what specifically it meant, so it was difficult for us to know what that was referring to.

-Some lookup for conversationID - along the same lines, if we knew more about what information was being logged for conversationID it would help us to troubleshoot was is going wrong without having to escalate to support.  In this specific case all topics were failing and we couldn't pinpoint it.

-Automated way of contacting owners for failures - all of our topics were failing, and we didn't have a way to be automatically notified of this problem.  Ultimately one of my team members stumbled across it while looking up something unrelated, but we would have preferred to be made aware of errors like this.  In this specific case the errors hit across all topics, so we wouldn't have been able to get to the escalate topic where we could send a mail to the team.


Anyway, just some suggestions, no follow up necessary.  Thanks again and specific thanks to the customer support team that resolved our issue.


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