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How to configure SSO on a intranet page (SharePoint)



I have been trying to configure SSO on our organization SharePoint website using PVA. But I don't see it to be working. I have been referring to the below URLs:


SSO doc


GitHub Sample code doc

I have created a HTML file adding the SSO code provided from the above doc and published in the SharePoint website. I do not wish to see the login sign in card which asks to pass the token rather I need to Sign-in directly once I click the Chatbot button.




I have also posted regarding the same in the past as well. But no luck. Any help is much appreciated. 




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You also need to add the sharepoint homepage where this bot will be hosted as the MSAL javascript code needs to create a new token and redirect. If you dont add then redirection will fail with above error.

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Hi @neeraja 


You don't have to add extra code for the image.


<img id="myBtn" alt="image" src="<Add image url>">


You just have to pass the image url to the above code and where ever required.

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Can you provide few snapshots of the issue that your facing.

For the Authentication app registration on Azure you have to pass as the redirect url.

For the SSO Canvas app registration on Azure you have to pass the Bot hosted page.

Helper I
Helper I

I am able to achieve the SSO with the custom canvas HTML hosted at azure web app. The modification I did is there is no need of 2 app registrations. I have only used one app registration in that I have given token URL and my custom canvas hosted URL. 

It works fine!




I am having an issue with SSO.   Would you mind posting the code for the index.html you used here so i can compare it to what i have done?




Hello @h4tgdev 


Let me know what is the error you are getting. The code is already posted as part of this thread. Please see the thread from beginning



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Hello @aksridhar1 


Thanks for the pointer I didn't realize the code was in this thread.  I have most of it working but I am getting this error:


index.html:310 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: $ is not defined
at index.html:310:11


This is the line that is failing:

$("#divPopup").modal({ backdrop: "static", keyboard: false });


If I comment this line out it does a redirect to get the auth and it works (This scenario is using a static website via azure storage). 


My goal is to put this code in a PowerApps Portal and when I remove this line it redirects me to the sign in but after i sign in it keeps sending me back to the sign popup.







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